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  1. yes, and lets not forget the uptone ether-regen, coming soon to a street near you! (LOL).
  2. this really isn't helpful! How does this relate to the topic, i.e the PF LAN Isolator please? Take care.
  3. that is not me, I just wanted to recommend a product that is all. I don't wish to fight or be confrontational in anyway. Why would I derail my own thread of recommendation? Doesn't make any sense? OK, if you think that is me, I will now definitely NOT respond any more to this, my own thread. No matter how much derision or sarcasm is put to me, I will now ignore it. Your accusation is not welcome either. I have made the recommendation for the product and that is it, I will not get embroiled any further in this discussion - OK? I am sorry if you feel that I have done something wrong. But it's others who are attacking me, not me attacking them initially. If someone attacks me then naturally I feel I have the right to respond. But now I'll just ignore it, it's pointless and the thread should be locked. But I haven't done anything wrong to be banned for, all I've done is recommended a product and people have come in with all sorts of suspicion and accusations.
  4. ... thank you. yes, in the main I agree! But to set the record straight: I am unknown and new! however, I reserve the right and privacy to not tell 'all and sundry' about my private life - who has done so on here? I can verify that I do have a hi-fi system, but I'm not producing receipts on here to prove it- tell me who has? Anyone on here could be lying for that matter! I'm not here purely to promote a product, that is untrue! - this just happened to be my first post. I don't know how long PB has been in business and therefore don't know if it is entirely new, but quite a few have bought directly and through ebay with recommendations that are available for people to see and read. I suspect he has been in the electronics industry for several years if not all his life. I do not have permission to reveal the owner of the Paul Hynes supply ID, as he has never got involved in "these things" (forums), and I respect his decision. In my blind test I couldn't observe which supply was being used in three different systems. The Hynes and Baldwin were both used in each system and I couldn't tell which was being used (Baldwin A/Hynes A), (Baldwin B/, Hynes B), (Baldwin C/Hynes C). The usual speakers and amps etc. were used: McIntosh, Tannoy, PSAudio etc. The important part being that the identical systems were used without swapping anything other than the PSU's; which other brands were used is therefore irrelevant to the test conditions. I did supply the vendor’s website address, that is true. Components don't matter as long as THE SAME SYSTEM is used in all/both tests, the only variable is the PSU. Nothing else changed and I can't see why the make and model of everything else should make some difference to this test? I apologise if there is any effrontery, that was not my intention. Perhaps you can show me where I did this? "trust should be reserved for qualified posters", ….so new posters never have any opportunity to gain that trust? Yes, there should be an element of caution, but like several have said in just this thread alone, that caution seems to translate into acceptable: ...derision, contempt, mockery, ridicule, taunts, disparagement & obloquy. It's not just me but others too who have pointed to this. Purchasers on the internet (ebay/check feedback) have given recommendations of these PB products. I have no affiliation with the defendant, sorry manufacturer. Is the court adjourned to consider its verdict now? Can I be excused?
  5. And although you have made many good and worthwhile points that I like and applaud, you too can be ignored if you continue with your stupid remarks, your choice? You are showing your true nature, but keep going this way and I'll ignore you even if you have made good points in the past, it's no skin off my nose, see if I care.
  6. NO! I'm serious. If I had a product that you had never seen, used, or tested and you made those kind of damaging remarks, I would be seeking legal redress, but most professional builders like PB are too busy to be embroiled with this kind of smear campaign. And if I was admin, I would delete it. "Shaking in your boots" is just another snide and derogatory remark I will ignore.
  7. I've never found much difference in assembling through hole and surface mount. With surface you just put the components on the board with say tweezers and bake the whole lot en-mass, in that respect through hole is more time consuming and fiddling with a soldering iron and that's why I think through hole is more professional, fitting one component at a time.
  8. Unfortunately the CA/AS forum does appear to have a growing reputation around the internet for "droll/troll putdowns", members being banned while "the usual high-post count individuals" are always aloud to get away with their aggression to newbies, who are also met with suspicion and hostility! Many people have indeed left this place for these exact reasons, and that is sad because with open minded members like me and you, this could be a really really positive and constructive source of help and information, but not while the element are left unchecked! What happened to: innocent until proven guilty? comments I've read whilst surfing the web include: "that place is only any good if you want a good laugh", their claims are totally unrealistic, you simply can't believe anything you read on there (from the trollers), too many subjective claims without substance, I'll never use that 'resource' ever again, they drove me into depression" etc. etc. ......and the list goes on and on! "BUT!" I thought why not give it a try as an open minded person and see what happens? Unfortunately the ex-members have proved to be pretty spot on with their observations so far! NO OFFENCE INTENDED TO THE GOOD SOULS LIKE YOURSELF! Perhaps the good members could simply ignore the trolls and eventually they will see that they are wasting their own time and energy, and will go away to some other forum to spread their vile accusations elsewhere? The key is that everyone MUST IGNORE THEM, don't add fuel to the fire, if we keep responding to them they will only keep on firing at us. And yes I do practice what I preach, and simply ignore or don't choose to respond to them, but it's no good just me doing that alone! It has to involve all the good people here and point it out and expose it like bullying in a school. We must all be willing to highlight and route out this negativity and that way, CA/AS can be once again clean and helpful, just like when it first started up. In other words: "ban the bullies, not the bully fighters! Thank you! As an admin/mod. I would get this place sorted out in no time, and maybe that's why I could never be? Maybe the current mods. like it the way it is? But only the owner of the forum could replace the mods. were necessary. Yep, it's a sad story!
  9. see here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/56127-lpsu-choices-new-contender/?do=findComment&comment=947895
  10. AFAIK, the paul hynes website doesn't show any noise/ripple charts from an oscilloscope either?
  11. ....don't forget Alan, MANSR is a troll by his own admission. Have Fun! Maybe he will go away if we just IGNORE him (and not react)?
  12. take a look at this one: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/56127-lpsu-choices-new-contender/?do=findComment&comment=947698 ...could this be libellous perhaps?
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