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    It does indeed work after disabling CUDA offload. My CPU is still able to do the closed-form-16M upsampling on its own so I'll keep this setting now.
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    HQ Player

    Hi Jussi, I encountered a regression with version 4. I'm not able to use the closed-form filters family (with PCM), there is almost no listenable output except some weird clicks. The 'limited' counter is steadily counting up clipped samples also. As with version 3 I upsample everything to SDM, so currently I am only able to listen to my DSD files. I use up to date Windows 10 and up to date Nvidia/CUDA drivers with CUDA offload enabled, no setting has changed going from version 3 to version 4 of HQPlayer. Otherwise everything is smooth and good sounding with the new version
  3. Paetrick

    HQ Player

    @Em2016 I had a struggle with generating or even finding impulse responses for utilizing crossfeed within HqPlayer very recently, too. In the end (after some research) I used a combination of a tool called Voxengo Deconvolver and Audacity with Bauer Crossfeed VST plugin. From listening and comparing my resulting filter to other Bauer implementations I'm pretty confident with my approach: Creating Mono 176 KHz 32 Bit Sine Sweep with Voxengo Deconvolver. Loading it into Audacity and making it Stereo by adding channel containing silence. Applying Bauer crossfeed effect to the Stereo clip using Chu Moy settings. Splitting Stereo back to Mono and exporting the two files not touching sample rate or bit depth. Using Voxengo Deconvolver to deconvolve each of the Mono files against Sine Sweep created in step one. Trimming some silence from both resulting IRs with Audacity, of course keeping the relative time relation of both files intact. Now the two IRs is all that is needed to put into the pipeline setup from HqPlayer. Channel 1 => 1 and 2 => 2 using IR originated from original sine sweep. Channel 1 => 2 and 2 => 1 using IR originated from silence channel. For all four pipes I use -6 dB gain. I'm no professional, it was just what I thought to be logical for me right now. I attached my filters for others to try out; they might even be more trimmed but I didn't wanted to be too aggressive with that. The archive contains 'direct.wav' and 'cross.wav' where 'direct' has to be used for Left to Left and Right to Right and 'cross' for the channel mixing from Left to Right and Right to Left. One more thing is that one might raise the amplitude of both IRs by the same amount as for me I have a bit lower volume output from HqPlayer now. I adjusted my headroom setting from -6 dB to 0 dB after enabling the pipeline setup; even then I have to turn the preamp volume up a few more steps than before. I'll stick with it because the crossfeed filter now does apply crossfeed and enough headroom at once. chu_moy_ir.zip
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