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  1. Need to add the following ti AO to run Fidelizer Pro. 1. Keep WMI service. 2.Install kernel-streaming and media player support. 3. Enable MMCSS in core mode (multimedia class scheduler) 4. Set Fidelizer Pro as default shell replacement (after optimizations) Any suggestions?
  2. UAPP gave a significant improvement in sound quality even at 44.1.After the in app MQA purchase I now receive 96khz lights on my DAC :). Next upgrade will be MQA DAC.
  3. The mqa website says it's available on android devices. Also been suggested I try usb audio player pro by extreamsd.
  4. I only get 44.1 when streaming tidal master through my geek out 1000 usb dac.I got it plugged into my android 7 tv box using tidal app. Any suggestions to remedy this situation?
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