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  1. this is the part I didn't know... awesome!
  2. awesome... so most likely will go Mac Mini + external HD running mconnect (for now) and USB out to my DAC
  3. I'm not sure I follow the VM portion - you make your server a VM and then how do you "take a copy with you"? This part is pretty bad a$$ and has real appeal to me...
  4. idk ... the MMGs are quite impressive to me and yes when I full like pulling a $500 trigger... you've sold me on Roon for sure if I get the lifetime - is it only for one house/location, I presume? or can I use my license in say a weekend home or another apt?
  5. thank you - this one i knew... which is why i haven't started yet... any recommendations for an application to rip to DSD or 24/96 (on Mac)?
  6. thank you for reminding me... even the Printer (now that I recall) was a bit of a headache... many years ago (wasn't a straight forward setup) as per the RPi... i am talking myself into spending $150 more and going w MacMini (for now) mainly cause support for Allo seems to be awful, and these RPi + HAT solutions seem like a fair bit of work for not a fair bit of increase in sound quality (vs Mac Mini)... pls correct me if i'm wrong on that assumption
  7. library too big to put on iphone or ipad... and that's before converting to lossless (from 320)... as i plan to do
  8. wow - all sorts of wow Roon is amazing indeed, it seems but unlike you i'll only have one setup with one set of speakers... the 1810C is something I had not heard of - (looks like a pricier version of my Komplete Audio 6) why go from that to Peachtree (DAC to DAC?) in your setup 2 above
  9. wow - all sorts of wow Roon is amazing indeed, it seems but unlike you i'll only have one setup with one set of speakers... the 1810C is something I had not heard of - (looks like a pricier version of my Komplete Audio 6) why go from that to Peachtree (DAC to DAC?) in your setup 2 above
  10. just looked this up - complete PITA indeed... No interest I would actually opt for a HDD-free version and boot off the USB like you do I've read that removing spinning / moving pieces inside reduces noise (which makes sense to me)... this is actually an argument that the RPi + HAT ppl use (no fan)...
  11. funny came across this when i started this whole process. I agree it was high on my list, but I got distracted w hifiberry / allo... etc when Paul (and you) mentioned MacMini I was thinking they're still like $600... I didn't realize I could pick one up for <$200 and it would pretty much serve my (basic) needs and generally run pretty well (headache free)... i'm more inclined to go that route using the external HD and the software you mentioned (than the Bluesound) given my current budget p.s. main reason for this self-imposed budget is that i've rediscovered my love of listening to music thanks to a new receiver and new space (just moved two months ago)... i would hate to update and go "all out" and then get tired or not listen to much at home anymore. if i find myself getting more and more into it i would reassess and happily spend a bit more. which leads me to the first part of your equipment listing / signare. Why do people love the urendu so much? What is different about their hardware vs say other PCs etc (if it's a small form factor PC?)... and for similar price, why would I choose Bluesound over Sonore?
  12. i presume it does *not* sound perfect if you play the same file using something other than Roon?
  13. would a 6-core i3 add much in terms of serving up music, or is this more for the Plex/video side of things ? or does this have to do w using 24/192 or higher-res files? Would you mind pointing me to some links to read on Roon sound qualityi? I will also google. I was under the impression people just loved it because they had giant libraries and it's good with metadata and suggestions / playlists... not that Roon is actually a better player. I generally use BitPerfect on my MBP w iTunes and am usually ok w 320, will consider converting older stuff to Apple Lossless / FLAC
  14. Do I spend a little more for something that is very dependable and will perform well, or save money, tinker and do something more customizable (albeit w potential hiccups/glitches). Somehow everything seems to come down to a Mac vs PC(others) debate at the end. I used to repair computers in a former life, and feel very comfortable swapping out the HDD for SSD in a Macbook Pro (done this few times) and have a already setup an RPi / Plex server (which I presume would be considerably more work than setting up an Intel or Mac based headless/standalone one). I only bring that up, cause at the end of the day, even though I *could* potentially do it, doesn't mean I want to spend my weekend downloading updates/patches and trying to troubleshoot things. I would rather it just work for me. And if I'm not home then my gf (who initiated all this with a request to be able to play music easily, preferably from streaming service if not from my itunes library - and she's far-from-needing-lossless)... and she's def not one to rshell in as root somewhere. There was another chain on here which spoke very highly of the Intel NUC along w NON-SSD Drives (go figure)... given almost similar prices between Intel NUC and a used Mac Mini, i would normally go with Mac for reliability (and as you state, un-kill-ability)... btw, is the drive in your mac mini not replaceable? I would put a small SSD for OS in the Mini (or use USB like you) and a larger external USB drive (or two w Carbon Copy as you suggest) and go that route... Sincerely appreciate the discount offer, still don't see Roon in the cards. Truth be told I would rather put that $500 towards something like new hardware (that could potentially make an audible difference) than software that would be better at parsing metadata and provide a good UI. Last but not least, I'm the last person I know who still buys CDs sometimes, so don't knock that Ripping ability
  15. this seems like the most likely option to me, to be honest - will investigate, thank you!
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