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  1. thanks for the response unfortunately they look nothing alike - here it is in itunes here it is in Audirvana thanks!
  2. Hi Damien, Trying again - but any idea why the sort order doesn't work for playlists imported from iTunes? (the little up/down arrows next to the column headers such as "Album") Thanks
  3. so - to confirm - we still don't have an answer to this iTunes playlist / import issue? i feel bad because i barely used my Audirvana during the trial period - i'm sure it will run out soon and meanwhile i'm not willing to shell out 75bucks if it can't handle a basic alphabetic or numeric sort on a specific column thanks, a.r.
  4. a good friend who's a developer informed me that Mojave actually did wonders for his very old macbook pro, meaning the OS is friendlier for older machines than say a Sierra this is anecdotal and I have no proof of this - but you may want to investigate i am on old hardware that's maxed out on High Sierra
  5. thank you for your response, currently, it *does* work with iTunes but it's not getting any updates (changes to iTunes playlists are no longer being updated within A+ even after i do a lengthy 20-30min re-sync) if someone tells me that using the "Legacy iTunes player" is exactly the same from an SQ perspective then I am happy to stick to that route, for now, while the new version is being updated not being able to sort a playlist makes it unusable and makes finding things difficult a.r.
  6. alright - i'll bite... Whereas i'm fully willing to admit that i maybe doing something wrong - this is why i came here - figuring at least i had a shot here, since i see the developer responding to stuff sometimes (unlike clicking the Contact button and filling out and submitting the email on the Audirvana website which is basically piped to /dev/null) If you're going to add features and not support them, I suggest not adding those features in the first place and save everyone some time. Let us not mention that this is $75. Now to the Audio universe of Roon-users, this maybe chump-change, but this is considerably more than any other software I'd be paying for (or even paid for in the past year). So yes, I'm sorry if I want it to work a certain way for my money. How ridiculous of me. I suspect there were some CD users who probably told the earliest digital music adopters to stop complaining and nitpicking and just enjoy their CDs Thanks for adding absolutely no value whatsoever in your above post other than antagonizing people who are trying to genuinely find help.
  7. Hi, Just downloaded Audirvana on Thursday - love the sound but I'm having a few issues still... I am using iTunes synchronized for the library option (have legacy iTunes and need to put music on my iphone) a) Playlists show up after sync, but I can't sort anything - it seems to show some default reverse alphabetical order, but i can't pick Artist, Album, or any other field. When I click on the field, the arrow goes up or down - but the actual sort itself doesn't happen. b) Playlists - when re-synchronized, don't update additional information. Meaning, the first time I had some tracks without Album or Artist info. I updated those fields in iTunes - resync'd w A+, and those fields still aren't there on A+ c) Why does the sync take 20-30 minutes when I just updated / added 2 new albums? I am running it on a Mac Mini server -> USB DAC Sound Quality is good enough that I am considering purchasing it, but the userface is a bit difficult to manage at the moment. If iTunes sync is not the preferred way - but rather pointing to my music library and loading it all in A+, does this mean that if I load something new on iTunes (and have it set to copy to the iTunes folder) - and then subsequently load A+ (which is also set to point to the same iTunes folder) - will it be able to load/interpret/update those new files to my library automatically? Last but not least - I tried iTunes Legacy Integrated mode - worked fine. Is there a difference in sound quality or ability/features if I do it this way? (I am not doing any super hi-res or DSD stuff at the moment). Thanks in advance, a.r.
  8. This is what i mean - why don't audio programs do this already? surprising - i read that BitPerfect loads into memory... idk
  9. how exactly does this work? i have a similar sony bdp lying around, so easy for me to test... do you plug the sony into the network via ethernet, then stream digital file from some NAS / PC to there via the network? you output the sony bdp audio directly into amp via RCA?
  10. was having this discussion with an engineer colleague at work... if a digital bit is just a 1 or 0... and it's all going to a machine that will C that D to an A why does it matter what machine sends that 1 or 0 and how it's sent? i apologize and i'm not trying to stir up an argument i just want to know what is wrong with my logic above in the interest of preventing any further arguments - may i suggest that if you agree with the above and to you a "bit is a bit" - please refrain from posting a response that calls the other side "unicorn believers" etc etc and from the side that believes for example "SD Card is far superior than SSD" for SQ... does anyone have a thought as to why? I'll start... is it possible that one bus is more error-prone on reproducing these 0's and 1's?...
  11. Wrt RAMDisk, isn't all data loaded to RAM before playing? If so, is there really a difference between creating a RAMDisk and moving files there or having your app load into memory, load subsequent audio file into memory, and then playing it from there? Also, if Ramdisk is such a great improvement to SQ, I have trouble believing that better Audio Players don't do this behind the scenes? Thanks
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