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  1. HI, 


    I see that you have Geoffrey's HQPlayer front end working. 

    I'm getting a "connection refused" error with Apple Music. I'm going to work on Swinisan as well. 


    Any tips on how to get this working? Is there anything I need to do on the HQP side? I'm on a Mac just trying to get it to work as a local host. 



    1. Mahler and Bach on Computer

      Mahler and Bach on Computer

      Hi, EdwardSean, Geoffrey is still working on the Swinsian to HQPlayer Server.  The new version, still not officially released, is much more powerful and reliable when dealing much more complex playbacks.  The one currently posted on iTune to HQPlayer Setver still have some issues.  You may wait for few more days to get this new version which is in final touch I believe.  

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