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  1. I'll try to get this done tonight.
  2. Btw Nenon, Larry agreed to sell me an extra cooling heatsink kit with my case.
  3. Same here! I'd have to abandon the approach I am using for a single 36637 socket mobo though if this is only made for the socket like the Asus Sage. All mobos I see that use a single narrow socket will look like this. Peter do you think you could do the drawings for this general case set up as well?
  4. you have a customer!!! I'll buy one you make to replace the DIY I am also trying. I think multiple people on this forum would be interested, and could help recoup development cost!! Looks like Taiko made their own - they didn't respond to a purchase request though. Nenon used epoxy to join the H5 heat sink to the dynatron vapor chamber, rather than to a simple copper base it seems. I think it is an elegant solution, short of making a new heat sink assembly for the socket. I think soldering the h5 heats sinks to the dynatron vapor chamber base would work, but one would need to be careful not to overheat the vapor chamber - this seems to take some experience and skill, different than the surgical skill I posses. I am trying to adapt a narrow ILM 3647 socket to the H5 case, it is rotated 90 degrees in orientation to the case as compared to the ASUS Sage motherboard. Peter, please keep that in mind when designing your new heat sink assembly!!! 😉
  5. Have you compared the c621 to the c622 for audio quality?
  6. Ray-dude, this is great reading, thank you. You mentioned "six 80W capable heat pipes". How do you know that? How does one determine this for other passive cooling systems?
  7. Are you selling something, or planning to?
  8. Biggist issue with this approach seems to be cooling the cpu. There are no off the shelf fanless cooling options for this big cpu. I see that nenon was able to solve that problem, but not yet sure how.
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