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  1. @Nenon any luck getting the noratel transformers? I seem to have everything else I need for the v2 supply.
  2. So as I understand it, wifi to oppo upnp (bypassing server) to oppo dac (internally) sounds better than server to oppo as dac? I really think you'll hear a big uptick after replacing oppo with a contemporary dac and removing wifi, but interesting that the oppo solution sounds so good!
  3. Agreed on this. They are filled with a fluid that boils, then moves to the cool side and condenses, this is how heat is transferred. The base of cpu cooler that neon designed is also not solid copper but also filled with fluid, this greatly improves the efficiency of heat transfer and is why it could not be soldered to the cpu cooler portion that fits the cooling pipes.
  4. This is not the case for all intel cpus. I have PF I2s bridgeworking with an intel xeon silver 4210. This means Nenon's upcoming diy dual cpu server should also work with the pf I2s cards.
  5. Nenon, is the taiko diy case still planned to be big enough for this v3 power supply and the motherboard and the dc/atx? Or are you now thinking it better to separate into 2 chassis?
  6. Also breaking in my taiko dc/atx into a single 4210 xeon with 621 chipset, power by 2 rail Paul Hynes SR7t. More relaxing. Sound stage is similar, but no longer feels artifactual. Sweetness or realness of the decay on notes. Reduction in glare, though there was little previously. Looking forward to making and utilizing a new eps cable to replace my ghent cable that uses adapters.
  7. Tapped a new hole, used this drill bit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071HQG8SP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_GET3GHHEM38Y1ZG087SM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Interesting, I have the opposite experience. If I power both at the same time, no boot. I have to power on EPS about 5 seconds after I power on ATX.
  9. I'll try later this week when back in town.
  10. I have this motherboard and the silver xeon 4210. I'm also waiting for a taiko dc/atx and I have a 2 rail ph sr7t. I just received 4gb x 12 ecc wt ram from Apacer for my upcoming dual cpu build... I could try these with my current server and use these bios customizations... but I'm a noob on these things. I'm open to instructions! @Nenon, with the latest info from extreme-land regarding improved player software and usb connection decreasing need for network upgrades, do you think that delta between dual cpu and single cpu systems might decrease? Since the dual cpu system is designed to decrease cpu use of network resources for the "endpoint cpu", perhaps most of that could be taken care of with software. Either way, this is somewhat testable but a big investment.
  11. Taiko is selling a dc to atx converter. Likely to replace some of the hdplex models in the field.
  12. There will be a slew of hdplex 800w and 400w dc to atx converters hitting the used market soon. I'd try one of those. I dont know enough about your motherboard to say if you would need to change it.
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