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  1. has anyone tried the PF clock upgrades on the BS-GS008 Buffalo variant? I have 2 of those.
  2. That is great news! I'm quite happy with the advantech product and service though! I may buy more RAM, but because it's a close fit, I'll wait till I make other changes... like if a cpu heatsink becomes available.
  3. I did try, no response. I tried getting their ram from 2 distributors, was unsuccessful. One of them was in communication with apacer, I posted that information when I got it. To be fair it has been a few months now. Perhaps something changed.
  4. I couldn't source the apacer ram, it is no longer made... I used this instead: Advantech registered 2666Mhz ECC ram 8gb x 2 (AQD-D4U8GR26-SE). It is also based on samsung dies. I used this mobo: Supermicro motherboard X11SPL-F and use a supermicro pcie to m2 card for my intel ssd drives in raid 0 array.
  5. I'm using the Startech sfp fiber nic (PEX1000SFP2) with good results. It is much better than etherregen into the mobo ethernet port.
  6. Please forgive my ignorance, as I have not used euphony, only audiolinux, gentooplayer and windows. You are able to log on completely remotely? Also are no bios adjustments necessary- or can they be done in a different way without some graphics?
  7. I am going this direction with a dual rail PH power supply (1 for atx, the other for eps). My stopgap is using a keces p8 20v/8a. This is working well. You may need a graphics card unless you will do your os and player management remotely. What will you use for the operating system? Will you put it on a m2 drive?
  8. What manual are you referring to?
  9. Try emailing Larry, I did when the site said no stock a few months ago, but he had some to sell.
  10. Yes, 3 amps is sufficient for the gs2008. It uses a max 10.6 watts, per the specs. I'm waiting on a Y splitter cable to see if I can power two switches with one rail of a keces p3.
  11. I must say that it has been such a joy to be part of this group. I love seeing everyone working on their projects from diy cables to ramrooting to stacking 6 ethernet switches to woodworking with mohagony. This forum has been a refuge and distraction in trying times. Thanks to all kin here E
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