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  1. I believe you can. REW can generate sweep files which can be imported in Roon. Play the file in Roon with the EQ on and you can control the correction with a new measurement.
  2. @RubyseaDo you have any news on the 2.5 firmware update for the Control?
  3. I can recommend the Parks Audio Puffin. It outputs 24/96 over coax or toslink, and has a zillion different settings. It's perfect for tinkering or just listening to music. New functionality is added on regular basis. The best thing, it's only $600 and is worth every penny. It outperforms my old RIAA, the ASR Mini Basis Mk2 and I'm seriously considering selling my Gold Note PH-10 with PSU-10 and just keep the Puffin. My turntable is a Technics SL1000 mk2 with an EPA-100 mk2 tonearm and various MM and LOMC pickups.
  4. @fpalm69 You don't have any pictures by the way? I need to convince my better half of ditching the new kitchen and buying the BXTs. The kitchen has been fine for 50 years, so why change it now?
  5. You lucky guy! Congratulations! When the lottery ticket turns profitable I'll order a pair myself.
  6. No high grade cables here either, only properly shielded CAT6e. The power cables are some old Krell cables. They where the right length.
  7. Congratulations! You're in for a treat, the speakers are amazing! I've changed both the ethernet cables and power cables with no change soundwise.
  8. The new firmware for Control is released. Edit: Spoke too soon, nothing to see here, move on please. Note to self; read twice then post.
  9. Sounds like excellent service! I have gotten new amplifier and PSU boards during the last year, but didn't get promo stuff. Did the t-shirt fit?
  10. @input username here How did it work out? Did you manage without Audiolense?
  11. I can't hear any difference between the two firmware versions. Has anyone asked Kii if there has been any sonic changes?
  12. I can see it, maybe it's still cached. Trying again:
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