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  1. In overlay I added (white line) the original tone. This thing, if you think I haven't shot a bunch of bullshit 😄, does your deltawave software credit because it perfectly centers where the non-linear part of the tone begins.
  2. Here, in my opinion, is the area that ... being non-linear (in addition to undergoing continuous variations as it is very close to the thermal agitation of the noise), it cannot be canceled. It also seems normal to me as the base of each tone can also contain phase jitter. At this point, the more the tones are canceled ... the more precise the D / A - A / D acquisition system.
  3. Hi Paul, to create a periodic multitone signal (whose visualization on FFT does not require weight windows, so to use with a rectangular or dirichlet) you have two solutions: 1) use the REW multitone signal generator, then set to 64k and at least 40 periods on 44.1khz. Eventually the file will be 59.443 seconds long. 2) or take your multitone signal, load it into a good editing software, then cut a piece with 65536 samples and paste them so that 40 frames are formed. Also in this case the files will be 59.443 seconds long. This is your signal transformed into a periodic mult
  4. ...I think that I have understand. The use of periodic multitones was enough to reduce the problem down to the base.
  5. 148/5000 ... I also tried to record the analog multitone signal twice in succession. Again, the tones are not completely erased.
  6. Paul, in your opinion: why doesn't deltawave totally cancel the tones? According to a certain logic, the cause should concern the alteration of the analog tone compared to the original tone? ... so that the residue of an altered analog tone would remain?
  7. 122/5000 A curiosity Paul, the program with which you generate the tones ... can it also generate a multitone starting from a musical signal?
  8. Is it normal that the spectral lines are 27 rather than 32?
  9. meanwhile I'll show you the first tests in loopback (PC + realtek ALC887) The first with a maximum level of 0dBFS The second with -0.2dBFS level Frequency 44,1khz.
  10. If you send me two more files of 1 minute with the same frequencies (32 / 44.1khz and 32 / 96khz) but this time with 32 tones I will do some interesting tests.
  11. I will definitely keep you updated. Thanks a lot for the files.
  12. In case you decide to send it to me please create two, one with 20,000 tones at 32bit / 44.1khz and another with 20,000 tones at 32bit / 96khz.
  13. 91/5000 Paul, I'd like to try your 20,000-line multitone signal. Can you at least send me this?
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