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  1. Hi, Volumio is an operating system... It will work on the RPI directly. Regards Andre
  2. Hello and thanks for your comment concerning Roon. For the Primo we have decided since the beginning to go the Official Roon Ready way which is a better overall user experience. regards
  3. Hi to all and TGIF! in case any of you are attending the High end show in Munich next week, please drop by our booth H1 A21. Show details here https://www.highendsociety.de/index.php/en/facts.html Have a good weekend!
  4. Hi to all , hope the Easter break has been good for all. Back to work and with some good news. We have allocated a PRIMO unit for the members of this community. I have discussed about this with some members so now i'm making it public. If you're interested in taking a closer look, PM me so I can add you to the list. this is a pass around unit, so we just ask that you ship it to the next member. Regards Andre
  5. the intended MSRP was always 479 eur as i said, previous advertised pricing was only a limited time offer intended for product launch of the initial production run. we believe the pricing reflects the high quality of the PRIMO , a feature rich well designed hifi product and we stand by it. nevertheless, i can understand how some would have wanted the launch price have been extended.
  6. @chauphuong thanks for clarifying what exactly you mean. you can use a linear PSU if you wish...but we don't provide one at the moment. thanks Andre
  7. Hello @matthias, there was an initial trial run of only a few units sold at a special price to help launch the product. We had informed on the site that it was a limited time offer. Will get back to you soon with roadmap.
  8. Guys, VOLUMIO is and always remain FREE as it has always been, Opensource, like @BrokeLinuxPhile has experienced. We just offer something new for those who want an easier, integrated option. It offers a higher level of easy user interaction for the not so DIY crowd out there. Its there to grab... or not.
  9. @matthias thank you for the idea, I will soon share a roadmap with all. regards Andre
  10. @matthias ohh, but you can! With the lifetime license. I will share more info about that soon. regards
  11. @Matthias Volumio is a software company at heart and we are very much aware that we need to give value to our followers in order to retain them and keep them happy. That being said, in 2 years, Volumio will be so much more than what it is now; this is only the beginning.
  12. @matthias thanks for asking we have 3 options 1> Volumio >> always will be free 2> myVolumio Virtuoso >> for 2 devices for 2.99 euro / month 3> myVolumio SuperStar >> for 6 devices for 6.99 euro / month full info here https://volumio.org/my-volumio-overview/ cheers!
  13. Hi to all, The new site is up!! Still a few glitches here and there, but all will be ironed out soon. Please check it out and share your thoughts. While you're there, you might consider trying myVolumio for 30 days free of charge. Tidal and Quboz integrated, automatic upgrades, up to 6 devices can be controlled and more coming... Regards
  14. @shadowlight hello there, The new myVolumio software has TIDAL and QOBUZ integrated ready to use. myVolumio comes in Virtuoso or SuperStar flavours,. You can get all the info here: https://volumio.org/myvolumio-released/ Regards Andre
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