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  1. Yes, the mk3 version (contrary to the mk2) of the Zen mini got a ESS Sabre dac built in. I asked for comparisons with the same setup because I'm not sure about the quality of the digital outputs of the Zen mini. Compared to the zen. The PSU can always be upgraded later. But if the USB output is the limiting factor maybe better go straight to the zen...?
  2. Hi all Same question here. The Zen mini mk3 seems to be an interesting thing. Small footprint, many different digital outputs, even a analogue output. Upgradable with a PSU. And half the price of the Zen. It would be associated with a DAC (Rme, chord...). Question is, is the digital output (USB, optical or spdif) good enough? Who compared both with the same DAC? Thanks!
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