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  1. Nice review! Thanks. It's the Terminator model I have at home too (let's call it Terminator 1.2). There were not many reviews about this evolution, everybody talking about the plus at that time. And now the 2.0. This Terminator 1.2 sounds great. And yes, this dac is sensitive to footers. I did a lot of experiments with diy footers. My favorite is a pumice stone brass plate mix. My only complaint may be this contant evolution of new models coming out making it not very clear for a customer.
  2. The resolution (flac, CD, 96, 192, DSD, ect.) of your files is identified in the Innuos music library dashboard. I for myself then add a genre tag for all my DSD files so I can choose with Orange Squeeze to play only those files. I think this would be a great addition if Innuos would add a sort of auto file resolution tagging.
  3. cazone

    Innuos 1.4.5

    hi ConcreteCow, thanks for the info. I also got a reply from Innuos. It seems my Terminator is capable of native DSD but the two options in the Zen got mixed up. When you choose DoP it is actually native DSD. This will be sorted ou in a update. And, yes, here too, CD ripping was suddenly switched to WAV. c*
  4. cazone

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Hi all, I updated my Zen mk3 to 1.4.5 I'm using it as a player straight into a Denafrips Terminator. The Terminator is not on the "native dsd" capabable dacs list. Therefore I'm using "dsd over pcm" Who is able to get native dsd and with witch Dac? Thanks!
  5. Did something similar here. I think the results are very interesting. Especially under the dac and the streamer. c*
  6. Yes, the mk3 version (contrary to the mk2) of the Zen mini got a ESS Sabre dac built in. I asked for comparisons with the same setup because I'm not sure about the quality of the digital outputs of the Zen mini. Compared to the zen. The PSU can always be upgraded later. But if the USB output is the limiting factor maybe better go straight to the zen...?
  7. Hi all Same question here. The Zen mini mk3 seems to be an interesting thing. Small footprint, many different digital outputs, even a analogue output. Upgradable with a PSU. And half the price of the Zen. It would be associated with a DAC (Rme, chord...). Question is, is the digital output (USB, optical or spdif) good enough? Who compared both with the same DAC? Thanks!
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