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  1. @AriMargolis is Spotify connect going to be implemented? Wasn’t it pending sometime ago? Thanks!
  2. Hi Vincent, i mean that I prefer the sound of the W20 “served” by the ACS over playback from its internal drives. I find that the ACS provides an increase in resolution and soundstage vis-a-vis the W20 (solo). I haven’t compared its rips to alternative solutions (eg dbpoweramp) but I’d be surprised if these were inferior. Thanks!
  3. Hello All, newbie here and this is my first post. I currently use use an Aurender ACS tethered to a W20. I’m truly enjoying the combination and as an Individual who still purchases quite a lot of CD’s, the pair has made my life that much easier. I also think the ACS improves the W20’s SQ quite a bit. My question concerns a Nimbie, specifically the Blu-Ray model. Has anyone used it with the ACS? Do the rips sound as good as the units CD drive? Does it work seamlessly with the ACS? My thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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