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  1. thanks very much for prompt reply!
  2. can you do a diagram of all these boxes linked up? ......... JCAT Net card Sonore Optical Module TP Link MC220L server NIC’s NUC Sonore Optical Rendu Uptone Ether REGEN Uptone Iso Regen SOtM switches sCLK-EX tx usb ultra TLS switches
  3. what is the cost of this FMC compared to other brands like TP Link?
  4. agreed, if you have very expensive speakers already. But what if they are mediocre?
  5. hi Al. $5000 - would you get a better return for the investment (bang for buck) by upgrading say the speakers! SoTM switch/sclk-EX/clock input/PSU's; Vs. speaker upgrade?
  6. how and why? please provide explanations/examples to back up your statement.
  7. so, it's a case of "try it and see"? Then tell others your findings on here?
  8. ....is there any value in adding additional regulation to these: (middle one is MCRU/LDA) thanks
  9. Thanks! good point! I wonder if andrew feels the same way today about NUC's? (he does have a vested interest in his own equipment though; his own gear will have moved on since then too).
  10. thanks, yes, but I already knew that my friend - lol! you missed the point! ...he's calling down the quality of the NUC, wink wink
  11. Yes I agree! Remember I said: " This is another one of those mysteries that we don't know the answer to or fully understand yet!" I'm not surprised the higher TDP sounds better, I thought that might be the case! Which flies in the face of convention i.e. more power = more noise = poorer reproduction of sound. You are defying the time honoured rules mate! (LOL). Please continue to explore and break the rules, maybe time for some new rules?
  12. ....here's a nice quote about the quality of the NUC from Andrew Gillis: click here "You could get the sonicTransporter to work as a player but the sound quality would be low compared to a microRendu or Sonicorbiter SE. You can try to use it as a player if you want but don’t expect great sound. The quality should be about the same as a NUC ".... so I'm holding my breath at the moment!
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