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  1. I worry that the current line up will be the UPL16 + MOS16 + UTOS of next year. I would like to see upgrade options.
  2. You should remember that many people like some distortion providing it's their preferred type. Look at SET amplifiers and at Nelson Pass First Watt designs. 2nd order distortion can give that 'singer in the room' feeling. Strange but true.
  3. Sorry - I don't understand this,
  4. I am indeed a fan of EC Designs producs having bought the UPL16 and MOS16. I am just wary of spending again when I have owned their previous products only a year. I am happy though that the MOS16 sounds better - in particular more natural than my old Schiit Mobi MB. I may try making an electro-tos type lead to see what more performance I can wring from the DAC. For serious listening I tend to go to my vinyl but I am excited that EC Designs are making these strides in improving digital audio. Good mc cartridges aren't cheap!
  5. From my reading of comments on the new EC Designs products I get the impression that they offer very good value for money. I wonder though if expections are perhaps a little unreasonable. Providing a streaming source from a device costing as much as a small car will I'm sure deliver some increase in SQ. Comparisons can kill satisfaction in hifi as I'm sure we've all found. As good as John's engineering is, these products are built to a certain budget - happily one that many normal mortals can afford. Maybe at twice the price some further minor improvements could be made to filter nas
  6. Any idea of the name of this Dutch audio club?
  7. I bought my UPL16 and MOS16 plus UTOS stick believing this set-up would last me years. I am disappointed that good as the equipment is, I know that things have moved on. I feel that a year's ownership is far too little to be thinking of replacement. I mostly buy second hand but I thought I should buy new this time. I'm disappointed TBH.
  8. These are very sweeping statements. Loudspeaker least important? EC are designing equipment that cleans up the digital signal removing as much of the jitter, noise etc as possible. If they are doing as good a job as I expect it won't matter what state the signal is in - within limits obviously. As for the actual music - well the best music in the world will sound cruddy through a 60s transistor radio.
  9. I wouldn't dream of selling my vinyl. It's always given me more pleasure than any alternative. Handling the records is in itself a pleasure - especially with that full size artwork on the covers and insets.
  10. I get so much pleasure from my vinyl set up I wonder if I should just be content with a digital system for background listening. Mind it has cost quite a lot of money for the former even buying second hand (Pink Triangle PT1 vectored/Zeta arm/Transconfiguration cart). I imagine it would take some beating with a digital system.
  11. I love my UPL16 and MOS16 combination on my Whammy HPA via a BP tube preamp. It just so 'analogue' sounding - unfatiguing (even without the tube pre). I would however like to try the diy electro-tos if I could find out more about connecting up at the UTOS or the UPL. I emailed EC Designs but no reply was forthcoming. Can anyone tell me how I can try this or refer me to a link? I might buy the pukka cable. I want to read much more about the new gear before I spend again. It would be good to see it reviewed in a respected publication.
  12. Hope we don't have to wait too much longer to hear an account of the new EC Design hardware's SQ
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