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  1. Yes, I built my own. I use an Intel i5-9400T processor, micro ATX motherboard and HDPlex chassis. I run the bootable embedded image as the NAA software. It communicates well with my Holo May DAC, running PCM 1.536 or DSD1024.
  2. Equivalent setting for desktop. Currently I am running 21-bits, but I am not sure it matters for DSD upsampling.
  3. Must be my RTX2080 running Cuda, because my server processor is only an i7-8700K. I also run convolution at he same time. CPU load is high, 2 cores at 98%, 2 at about 57%, but temps are no concern, water cooled.
  4. I’ve had my May for about 2 months now and have fully explored the high rate stuff. The PCM 1.44/1.53 is good, but if you have the horsepower, DSD1024, AMSDM7 512+fs, poly-sinc-short-mp is the best I’ve heard yet. Checks all the boxes; defined bass, beautiful stage, no fatigue whatsoever. I will get around to trying PGGB, but I seriously doubt it will surpass what I am hearing now.
  5. I'm not sure it's considered to be PC speculating on the orientation of one's fuse?
  6. View Classified JCAT USB XE Card is 7 months old. Excellent condition. CONUS only please. Seller sledwards Date 04/23/21 Price 700.00 USD Category Accessories  
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    Card is 7 months old. Excellent condition. CONUS only please.

    700.00 USD

  8. I hope that’s an illusion and I am looking at a clear conformal coating. Those can’t be cut-outs.
  9. Quadman. Any chance that the bottom cover has some sort of thermal interface material located over the top of those 4 transistors, with the intent being to have a thermal conduction path to the bottom cover?
  10. PGGB Team: In the guide, you warn about not using digital volume control: Software volume control may look innocuous, what possible harm could come from converting to 64 bit doubles and changing the level? PGGB’s noise shaper all but eliminates quantization noise in the audible range. Any sort of processing such as volume control leads to 64 bit conversion and then truncation back to your DAC’s bit depth (16, 24 or 32). This conversion adds quantization noise back into the track that PGGB worked hard to remove. Currently, I am using HQPe to feed upsampled PC
  11. I split the balanced output of the May and send the mains to my 2-channel power amp and the subs subs to a Mini DSP 4x10. I setup 4 powered subs using REW to create PEQ curves for the Mini DSP, where I also set appropriate LPFs and delay. I then use Acourate to create convolution filters for HQPlayer. For those who appreciate bass, the final result is jaw-dropping. I have abandoned the use of a preamp for three different DACs now. HQPlayer volume control thru Roon meets my needs.
  12. Check where you have the 8-pin ATX connector plugged in on your mobo. I mistakingly had it plugged into the wrong place when I installed the same HDPlex 400. Steve
  13. I am seeing the same behavior from my JCAT USB-XE card. Switched to mobo USB and 1.5M sounds nice.
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