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  1. So if I understand correctly, this is out of your control and Miska would have to open up metadata like 'compilation' and 'albumartist' before you could do anything to flag various artist albums?
  2. I only see source code, no compiled versions.
  3. Here is a sample of how Roon displays various artist albums
  4. Compilations or mixed artist albums have always been a challenge to handle in music players. Some use the 'albumartist' tag to indicate track artist, others like myself set the 'compilation' flag to a value of "1". Could you add these two tags to your "group by" menu? Currently when I search for an an album with various artists, it lists the artist of the last track listed as the album artist, which is not useful.
  5. It looks like no dates are being extracted for DSF files. All my DSDs are showing up as "No Year"
  6. No problem losing favorites at this stage in your development for myself. Easy to recreate from playlist. Feature request for genre search: can you force/option to have genre search to open in collapsed view, just showing expandable genre list and not showing all associated albums. Similarly, could you give the user and option to show ALL genres in collapsed view? Steve
  7. llamaluv: I think you may have inadvertently changed something in the favorite tracks selection. Tracks with identical name from two albums show up as favorites. You can't favorite a track from one album without the program selecting corresponding same track name from another.
  8. Look forward to loading this. I have been using the Linux version of HQPWV and want to make sure during updating or loading a new version, is there any procedure I need to follow as to not overwrite existing settings? Steve
  9. Assuming you are using a preamp, then you want to enable the 'fixed volume' option and set the value to -3dB.
  10. Another thought on playlist/favorite tracks. In a way they are very similar. I have noticed the imported track playlist is not really edit friendly thus far. Looking at the format of the playlist, it's format would work well for the favorite tracks list. The small album art helps separate the albums the track came from. A key feature is the ability to add a track to favorites from whatever menu/screen the track appears in and to keep the favorite track list in sorted order.. Thanks, Steve
  11. iOS devices are both running 14.7.1. Must be an app issue like you say. Another request: Maybe by now you have realized I am currently using Roon with HQPlayer (embedded) and would very much like to sideline Roon based on superior sound quality from HQPlayer/NAA only in audio path. I was able to export a large favorite track list from Roon and import m3u8 playlist into HQPWV. I would very much like to add a selected subset of the current playlist into a new queue for playback. Somehow bring up the selected custom playlist and give user option to load entire playlist into queue o
  12. Follow-up on this issue. I have tried browsers on all 4 of my Apple devices; both Chrome and Safari. Library search works on my iMac and Mac Book Pro for both browsers. Library search does not work at all on my iPad Pro and iPhone 12. Your new favorite tracks list does works on all four devices. Hope this helps and you can repeat behavior.
  13. llamaluv: It appears library search is not working on my iPad and is working on my MacBook Pro. Both are running Chrome. Steve
  14. llamaluv: As long as you keep including more functionality, I will happily add to the request list: Favorite track list: Consider one entry per line (maybe track name, artist, and album) and sort the list by artist Genres: Can you add the capability to handle multiple genres in tags? UI: Can you please freeze the top two lines (HQplayer Web Viewer and Library) when scrolling?
  15. Great job on this. Question: How do I bring up a list of the favorite tracks I have selected by clicking the "heart"?
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