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  1. I have not critically listened to the audio output of the BX59. It is listed as capable of SACD-R play up to firmware M12.R.0430. It has line, digital coax, HDMI, and digital optical outputs. According to the manual, in audio settings, it can be set for DSD output. It outputs DSD to the HDMI when playing an SACD. No signal is output from the other jacks. I can't confirm this operation.
  2. I am using the "sleep server" method using the basic Sony AutoScript files (thumb drive root has AutoScript folder containing the three files) and ISO2DSD in server input mode with default port 2002 . Telnet is not needed. The "sleep server" method is the easiest and best method for high volume SACD ripping. It should work and extract .iso files as long as you can ping the Sony player on the network. If you can ping the player, the connection error usually means the AutoScript failed (bad AutoScript directory structure or files, or "memory leak" if it was previously working), and the player isn't ready to deliver to ISO2DSD. In that case, "reboot" the Sony by holding the power button for 10 seconds or more (or unplug replug), then reinsert the USB thumb drive after restart completed. Drawer opens. Insert disc. Press power. Drawer closes and Sony turns off (sleep mode). Run ISO2DSD in server mode. The .iso file usually contains stereo and multichannel. I use the .iso files for archiving. I do not burn the .iso files to disc, so I don't have experience with the process. Using ISO2DSD you can extract the stereo or multi content to 4 options ( I use stereo and Sony DSF). If your Dune can play .iso, I would use that, since there are less extraction steps. Just play your archive files directly. There is a convert DST to DSD check box, not sure if that would help it create files compatible with the Denon. Just try all the output combos and see if you get playable files. In my experience, there is always a way to convert one file type to another with the proper tool.
  3. I have a BDP-BX59 which is the same player. What is the size of the ripped .ISO file? To extract the stereo content using ISO2DSD from the .ISO, you need to have Channel Mode set to Dual for stereo and the Output Mode set to Sony DSF. How are you trying to play the .DSF files? Both ISO and DSF will play using Foobar2000 on my PC.
  4. Rufus should work. Boot selection, nonbootable and select the .zip script files.
  5. The BOSS is awesome. Much better than the Hifiberry. Audiophile for the masses. Quality control is apparently an issue.
  6. Sorry to hear your troubles. I bought one from probably the same eBay seller Golfballbrett and it works great. I also have purchased one from Chicago Elec through Amazon. Amazon sent me an old board, probably a return. I contacted Chicago and they made it right. Have previous experience with Chicago (Hifiberry DAC+ Pro). They have always been very courteous, prompt and responsive to any concerns. Wish you the best of luck.
  7. My Acopian supply and the audio dedicated 3kVA toroidal line isolation transformer.
  8. I'm sure Allo will get things sorted out for you. This is one great sounding HAT. Coming from the Hifiberry DAC+ Pro, and this is a significant upgrade.
  9. I've attached a video and pic. Video is blurred, but it's easy to see the red LED on the Pi flashing. Audio from the system is playing in the background, and at the end the power supply voltage is shown.
  10. I'm using Moode 4.4 and BOSS HW Rev 1.5. Works great. One green LED (PWR) on means the board has power. From "m" in the right upper corner..Configure..audio..I2S device..Allo BOSS in the pulldown list..SET. Reboot. Two green LEDs should now be on (PWR and LED1). Then "m"..Configure..Audio..MPD..Edit Settings..Hardware volume..SET.
  11. This issue has been noted in this Amazon review (not my review): https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2XH60HPSFJEX3/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B07191SYFH
  12. System: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Allo BOSS HW Rev 1.5 Power source: linear regulated 5V 20A (Acopian 5PT20FHP) using the USB-C connector to the BOSS. Software: Moode 4.4 The RPi red LED is not steady on, but can be off for several seconds at a time. Voltage reading on the supply is stable. Haven't measured the RPi board voltage. Function is flawless. Sound quality is fantastic. Extremely happy with the system. The RPi/BOSS is behind the cabinet, can't see it, doesn't bother me, so no problem. Right? Using a cheap $3 5V 2.5A SWPS and the RPi USB power connector in the same system, the LED is solid on. Thank you Allo for a great sounding product.
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