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  1. FYI, I've posted a NUC that Romaz built for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested! It takes the best of his lessons in this thread and puts them in a nice Akasa case. NUC7i7DNBE NUC Akasa X7D
  2. SOLD This NUC was built by Romaz. He configured it to boot to USB with full Roon integration. Contains: Intel NUC7i7DNBE board Akasa X7D chassis Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM Works perfectly. The power supply is a cheapo from Frys; it will get you started if you don't have something better. $800 including shipping to CONUS. Original box included. The tape on the front is to cover the blue led.
  3. ^ My sentiments exactly. Within minutes of hearing them for the first time, I immediately got on the phone and chain-called my audio friends... they thought I'd lost my marbles. Then stayed up all night that first night just listening. It’s a mystery why they're off the chain in HT. I even tried the 30.2s (switching back and forth over a period of months) and they couldn't compare in that role. I can only theorize that it's their holographic performance and voice reproduction... and so much of HT is voice. And less information (and the P3's certainly have less than the 30.2s) is somehow better in HT? Dunno. Maybe I'll never know. If you don't have a HT processor dialed in, even for two channel, you're missing out. I tried the Bricasti M1 SE DAC and the Marantz AV8805 destroyed it in that role. Never once do I ever have to pause and rewind to understand dialogue. I'm considering adding some P3ESRs for the surrounds, but not so sure. Crazy overkill when you consider the cost of fancy stands? Maybe I'll just go with Vandersteen 1Ci speakers for their time alignment and accuracy in that role. I'll try that this week. Should be a good experience! 😀 Are you using any surrounds?
  4. ^ Thanks CA. Signature updated. And yes, extremely small fry compared to my history... yet won't be bullied. Hopefully that sounds reasonable. I'll try to help where I can without sounding like propaganda. ************************** Moving on... I forgot to mention that the Vandy external crossover (M5-HP) can be used with other subs (such as REL). Their won't be room correction, but the mains amp still gets unloaded. This is a good solution for people that already have other subs or want to stay at a much lower price point than the Sub Three. Since some people are already implementing the crossovers in other subs, this year Vandersteen has also bumped the price by $300 on the crossovers when not purchased with Vandy speakers. Just received the new price sheet today and there's no price jump on the Sub Threes.
  5. ^ I prefer the industrial look.😀 Holographic sounding near field, right? I've been testing them in HT and can't find anything in that role that sounds better. Like a magic trick (without a center). The voices hang right in the middle right on top of the TV screen.
  6. Some inexcusable comments here, unwarranted and unearned. And since at least one obvious troll comment was flagged and went unchecked by CA, I believe allowing it gives me the freedom to respond. It seems reasonable that enthusiasts don't want this board gummed up with propaganda from dealers. In my 34 years as a consumer of high end audio, less than one of those years has been spent as a dealer… and so I understand the sentiment. Yet my posts have been transparent, and at least some users have found them helpful. In my comments about the Sub Threes, the language wouldn’t be any different than if I weren’t a dealer. My first two pairs of Vandersteen speakers were purchased in 1985, and I know the brand pretty well... demonstrated product knowledge that clearly surpasses more than most who’ve made posts on this thread, else the salient points, a least in part, would have already been mentioned. My status as a dealer was included in a follow up post (adjacent to the first and performed within minutes). And since my handle is Neal Audio, well... I entered this business because I love music and high end audio. I was retired before this… traveling the world. So keep treating good dealers like this and pretty soon there won’t be any left. Then you all can buy-test-fail-sell-repeat on the hamster wheel like so many do. Going forward, I’ll certainly list my line card in my signature and happy to so. It was left out before since I felt it obviously benefited me… but okay. Some users might find my experience valuable. For those that don’t, why not just click that ignore button. Here are the instructions: 1) Place your mouse cursor over the profile on the left. 2) Click “Ignore User.” I’ve made a screen shot to make it easy.
  7. The listening impressions described are not my own, but someone who's ears I trust. The first batch went to overseas dealers, and just started shipping domestically.
  8. Meager attempt? Enough with the hostility already. If CA sends me a request then I'll gladly address it.
  9. ^ This isn't always a cut and dried question. USB generally tends to be noisier, but it can depend on the cable and what's upstream. Some AS users have NUC renderers and audio switches in play so it cleans up the signal, but then left with USB only but with great results. Those without these products might be better served with ethernet in. For those without upstream treatments, I always recommend that people try both in their systems.
  10. ^ Added: Finishes are limited with other brands, but Vandersteen has a pretty good selection. It's important to note that some of the available finishes aren't shown on the Sub Three product page, so use the Quatro page to see them all. https://www.vandersteen.com/products/vandersteen-sub-three Vandersteen speakers are hand made in America. Even the drivers are made in Minnesota. The picture shows my Harbeth P3ESR's with a Sub Three in black. I'm an AD for both REL and Vandersteen. People always ask what stand that is... it's made by SolidSteel (Italy).
  11. Many people choose both REL and JL. Mostly because they're unfamiliar with the Vandersteen Sub Threes. REL lacks room correction, and JL's implementation of it digitally perfomed and often doesn't give the best result. The Sub Threes crossover network unloads the mains under 80 hz by 6 db per octave, bringing a clearer signal to the mains and greater output to the mains. The room correction is performed exactly the same as the other high end Vandersteens (Quatros, Sevens, soon to be Fives, manually based on seating position) using a decibel meter. Though the floorstanders use 100Hz crossover while the Sub Threes use 80Hz). It's the best kept secret in all of high end audio imo, and any speakers can benefit. Especially in smaller rooms where bass can quickly become unruly. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that all Vandersteen prices go up April 2nd.
  12. ^ So I'm told. Though this would be a real accomplishment given how musical the M1 SE is. It's also reported that the M1 has a larger sound stage, though the M3 clearly images better (images like an M21). Bottom line is that they're different sounding, one not necessarily better than the other. Which is good since one is $10k and the other is $5k.
  13. I'm a Lumin and Aurender AD and will try to help. The Aurender is a different animal altogether. It uses the Conductor app and isn't Roon Ready. All Aurenders sound good, but understand that it's Conductor locked. The D2 is Roon Ready and is unbeatable for the money given its performance and versatility. It has ethernet on board and that's a rarity at its price... which is $2300 atm but that price is going up soon (if it hasn't already). Lumin's parent company is Pixel Magic, a pro company that's been around since the early 70s. I'm partial to Roon... by a long shot. Darko did a video on it (if you haven't used it). Send me a pm and I'll forward on a free 30-day trial. Can't speak to Auralic as I don't have any experience with their products.
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