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  1. Rajiv, I want to thank you for your excellent review of the Phoenix USB Re-clocker. As a audio enthusiast that exclusively utilizes a digital front end, and owner of a Zenith SE, i appreciate all your efforts to research, evaluate and so professionally and eloquently describe the results of your findings.


    I am currently evaluating a Phoenix re-clocker as well. I thus far have reached similar conclusions to those you have expressed. I can not overstate the value of having a clean one-box solution that performs at this level. It's a game changer. 


    That said, I am curious about your experience with various USB and Ethernet cables. I noticed in your chain that you are using Sabalon USB and SoTM Ethernet cables. Have you found them to be the best that you have tested thus far? Have you tested the new INTONA USB cables (Reference etc). Also do Ethernet cables have a significant impact on SQ? I should describe my chain and ask where you think I would gain the greatest improvement in SQ by virtue of an upgrade. The chain is simple: FIOS 1100n router (I gb internet), Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable, UpTone Audio Etheregen, Cable Matters Ethernet cable to Innuos Zenith SE. The Zenith is connected to the Phoenix by a Lush2 USB cable and the last connection is a Curious USB to my DAC. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on improving any of the components in the chain. Thanks in advance for your expert advice. Stay safe. ALLDIGITAL

  2. kennyb123. Thanks for your comment. I plan on upgrading the fuses shortly. Seems like a worthwhile upgrade for a reasonable cost. Best regards
  3. Thanks so much for your feedback. I will upgrade shortly. Best regards.
  4. HI All: I am thinking of upgrading the fuses in my Innuos Zenith SE. i am considering the Synergistic Orange fuses. Has anyone had experience with this fuse or others with this server? Please describe the results you experienced. Thanks all.
  5. JC, thanks for sharing your experience and discussions with other users that have relevant experience with this DAC. I am now more motivated to audition the Orchid. Best regards. ALLDIGITAL stay safe!
  6. rIkard, thanks for the sharing your experience. Best
  7. Ted, thanks so much for providing your detailed insights. I hope to have an opportunity in the future to do A/B testing in my system.
  8. Hi TubeLover. I have not purchased any Dac at this time. I am staying put for the time being for a many reasons. Still sorting out what direction I want to go in regarding a number of possible upgrades to DAC, amplification etc. You sparked my interest in the Orchid once again and I may try and test one in the future. Good luck. Alldigital
  9. Hi All. I recently encountered an problem with DSD128 music files not playing on my current digital front end. The system consists of a Zenith MK II music server setup as a Roon Core and renderer, connected to a Hegel H360 integrated amplifier/DAC via USB. The Hegel H360 requires the AppleDSD Driver to implement DSD playback through the amplifier/DAC. I downloaded the driver from the Hegel site on my MacBook and my iPad. The driver seemed to install on my MacBook, but on my iPad. Perhaps I did something wrong, but I don't think so. I then tried to play DSD128 music files through my Zenith acting as a core and renderer, while using the MacBook as a remote and also iPad as remote as well. via wifi. I did not connect my MacBook to my DAC via USB as I want playback to come from the server. The result was that Roon recognized the MacBook through the server but when I tried to play a track, it initiated playback, but only silence from my speakers. Any suggestions as to how to correct this problem without having to use my computer as a Roon Core or in any other way but as a remote control only. Thanks for your kind support.
  10. Hi. Would you sell the Platinum Ethernet cable and Platinum USB cable. If so, how much for both, Also what country does it ship from. Thank you.
  11. Thanks to everyone that posted a reply. Your comments are well taken. I would also like to hear from anyone who has used these DAC's in their system. I realize that opinions are subjective, but many of you are quite experienced at discerning the nuances between various components. I know you are out there. Cheers
  12. Happy Holidays AS Members! I am interested in two DAC's that I may decide to purchase. The DAC's under consideration are the MHDT Orchid and the Lampizator Amber 3. I am seeking feedback from users that have experience with either or both DAC's. My current system consists of an Innuos music server/streamer with a Hegel integrated amp/dac. Looking to capture a bit more analog sound or warmth to my digital frontend. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  13. Austin thanks so much for your excellent response. It continue down this habit hole and hope I come out with a solution that works and sounds good. Best regards
  14. Innuos Zenith mkII / Hegel H360 incompatibility I am reaching out to the computer audiophile community for help with a problem I have encountered with my digital system. I have a Hegel H360 amplifier/DAC Integrated and an Innuos Zenith MkII music server running ROON Core and player. They are connected via USB. The problem is that the intergrated amplifier/DAC and the Innuos server appear to have an issue communicating via the USB interfaces. Let me describe what happens when I begin to play music. 1st problem: I connect the Innuos server USB output to the Hegel USB input to the DAC. The Innuos is operating as a ROON Core and player. ROON does not see the Hegel at all. I assumed there is a compatibility issue between the USB ports as they are both proprietary implementations. I installed an iFi USB3 Purifier to see if that would solve the communication issue. It did her. allow the them to communicate and recognize each other, but problem not completely solved. Please read on. 2nd problem: Well it seems work, as ROON now was able to recognize the Hegel DAC as an audio output device but it is very unstable. When I select a song to play from Tidal via the ROON app, it begins to play and in less than a minute ROON no longer sees the Hegel DAC and I am no longer able to play music. Further background: I have also tried a different approach in an attempt to understand the source of the problem by using the Ethernet output on the Innuos connected to the Hegel H360 Ethernet input. This implementation works and ROON recognizes the Hegel DAC as an Airplay audio device, The Hegel supports Airplay natively via Ethernet connection as a streamer. The problem with that is it does not support high rez music and the SQ is not very good when compared to the USB implementation. I have brought this problem to the attention of Hegel, Innuos and ROON, but thus far no solution has been provided. Innuos support have been excellent and they are most actively pursuing a solution. That said, I know this forum has many knowledgable digital audiophiles that know a lot more than me, so I am hopeful that you may be able to offer a solution to my problem. If not, I am thankful for your concern and kind assistance. Thankful and confused
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