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  1. Roon, JPlay, foobar 2000 should not be used if sound quality is important to you. JRiver will be most suitable for you if you can configure it correctly.
  2. A small application for testing audio components based on professional recordings of the Norwegian studio 2L in broadcast mode, with the exception of zip files that are downloaded and unpacked before playback (single operation): https://clearsound.club/data/variations/StreamHR.7z
  3. clearsound.club has buttons and links for downloading 8 trial players, but these versions support only the most common formats. However, you can order a player with a wide variety of functionality, including Wavpack DSD streaming. Nevertheless, I believe that it is cheaper and easier to double the volume of a drive than to significantly increase computer performance.
  4. Wavpack DSD streaming working in players: JRiver Clearsound *You must have a very good computer
  5. These are full-fledged players built on the original engine, but their functionality and interface may vary depending on the needs of the customer.
  6. Yes, this is a paid product. But since all players are made to individual orders, with different functionality and design, the price varies in a very wide range. I never advertised this, only occasionally create topics in forums like here (thanks for letting me do this). This is enough, because I can’t complete many orders. Maybe you could find some benefit for yourself. I would be glad to cooperate with you.
  7. Oh yes, I know that my site is not very informative. Maybe I'm a good programmer, and also an electronic engineer and even a little designer, but a bad marketer. However, since for me it is more of a hobby than a business, I don’t really worry.
  8. It seems you really do not understand. This is not an offer of tracks. This is using publicly available test tracks to demonstrate the benefits of the Clearsound audio engine. You don’t have to look at it, you have to listen to it. If you hear a difference in sound compared to other players, then this may be of interest to you. If you don’t hear, then you don’t need it.
  9. These are test tracks, I thought it would be clear to everyone. Trial versions of several players that can play different tracks are presented on another page: https://clearsound.club/#
  10. This is not a mass product. Each version is unique, so there can be no general detailed description. Anyone interested in this project can contact me through the feedback form on the site.
  11. Pictures from this exhibition are mini players with built-in or attached music files of different genres and with different sampling frequencies. After downloading and listening to them, you can get the impression of the sound of the Clearsound engine that they use. If you like the sound, you can click the CLUB menu to find out more.
  12. https://clearsound.club/exhibition.html#
  13. Julia http://clearsound.club/Julia
  14. Native C DSD version Clearsound club .
  15. July Dream Full screen mode. Read the instructions before starting the player, please. July Dream .
  16. Two Against The World http://clearsound.club/taw
  17. Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai http://clearsound.club/GhostDog
  18. Meir Aven from Holon, check the mailbox, please. For you there is an update. מאיר אבן מחולון, תבדוק את תיבת הדואר, בבקשה. בשבילך יש עדכון
  19. Music card: http://clearsound.club/#summer
  20. Updating the site and trial versions: http://clearsound.club/# http://clearsound.club/ru/#
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