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  1. Will it be "video origami"? Do I need a special device to view the "first unfold"? 😎
  2. "MQA should have never seen the daylight, it should have remain in a black hole." Not quite what was written on the tablets that Moses brought down from the mountain, but a close second.😃
  3. Yes agree!! 10+ pages on a banned member and civility, and other schemata. Yawn.😎
  4. Honesty, why do you care? Seems to me you are being a yente. 😓. In case you don't know, that means busy body.
  5. I see your point but...I see your point but...I see your point but....rinse, repeat?
  6. Ah ok. The Ania on up are totally different levels...you should give your self a chance to hear them. 😎
  7. I think this should be the last post on the matter, so beautifully summed up. Mazel Tov.
  8. I will say this..not that I disagree with you completely. But the latest write up on the new Rega Planar 8 on Analog Planet, the writer seems to have "come around" to the Rega philosophy that rigidity and low mass trump all else, I do agree that Rega's top couple of carts are over prices, but I also think most MC carts are way over priced. I think the Ania, based on what I heard, at $795, is quite a steal. Just my opinion.
  9. You can continue to repeat your fakakta opinion over and over, it does not and will not make it true. Glorifying the banning of trolls and liars is the sport of champions. 🤐
  10. You really enjoy flattering your self....😃
  11. Your sense of self importance is quite amusing. 😅
  12. You keep floating this meshugah fake narrative that Mr Lee and others were "baited'. He is a middle aged grown man responsible for his own actions. You can keep the fantasy alive about "mob think", more power to you.
  13. Well, thankfully, that has all come to an end. 😍
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