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  1. Don't threaten me you pasty faced Schlemiel. Fucking nonsense.
  2. why did you scrub legitimate posts?
  3. So now we know you are an Amir groupie and an apologist. And probably the reason the last few pages were scrubbed clean. Good job, if so. If Amir took a dump on your desk, you would thank him for the chocolate mousse.
  4. I am focuses just on Atkinson's recordings. They will without a doubt be more of a boutique, purist nature, with presumably no overdubs and not any where near the post production of the average pop album. It would be VERY instructive to hear how mQa changes the sound.
  5. "Comparisons: I had sent MQA's Bob Stuart the 24/88.2 masters of some of my recordings, for him to produce MQA versions. When he DropBoxed the MQA versions to me, Stuart also loaned me some MQA-encoded hi-rez files that had been used in MQA's demonstrations at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, as well as a number of MQA-encoded FLAC files accompanied by the original PCM versions." What is good for the goose, is good for the gander folks.
  6. Let's try again...I and many others want to know if we heard the Master Quack "magic" JA did- https://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-mqa "Amazing Grace: The first of two recordings of mine I used for my comparisons and for which Bob Stuart had prepared MQA versions, this arrangement by Eriks Esenvalds opens and closes with solo soprano, set against a choral vocalise. I've always been happy with the sound of the original 24/88.2 WAV file, but with the MQA version, Genna McAllister's angelic vocal line stands a little more forward from the choral halo, which itself
  7. Utterly perfect, dead on post.
  8. C'mon, you know that Archimago and others would be able to easily evaluate the differences between the pure PCM file and the Master Quack, and more importantly, the rest of us would be able to see if we hear anything close to what Atkinson claims.
  9. No, it does not hold water. JA could easily upload 60 second clips of the unadulterated master file and the Master Quacked file. It would be no skin of his back. It is not that he CAN'T, it is he WON'T.
  10. It would reveal a lot..if you had the lossless master file before Master Quack, and the processed file, there are a myriad of comparisons that can be done, both subjective as to how they sound, and technical.
  11. To be fairer...there is a good percentage of older Stereophile readers who only listen to vinyl, and really don't know or care about his embrace of Master Quack.
  12. Yes, you do..you can share clips under "Fair Use"..just as Micheal Fremer shares copyrighted music clips on a frequent basis.
  13. But you were one of the small group of anointed team players, er, "influencers" who got files mQa'd. Seems like a very tiny club. You originally reported that Master Quack must be "applied at the mastering stage" which clearly was not true.
  14. I have not laughed that hard for a long time...the BS "response" confirmed he is a sociopath, with no connection to reality. Comedy Gold indeed.
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