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  1. from the darkness emerges the light....and not the blue MQA one...🤩
  2. I love the spreading of darkness. After all, the Scandinavian countries, including Denmark and Norway, are the darkest, and yet most content according to the UN.🙂
  3. There is also virtually no music recorded natively to DSD aside from the classical genre....
  4. Unfortunately your little crusade is moot. There is a minuscule amount, and that is being generous, amount of popular music recorded natively at 24/192. Let's move on.
  5. It emanated from reviewer flights of fancy....that file is copyrighted...😎
  6. How about this one? https://www.stereophile.com/content/jadis-ja200-mkii-monoblock-power-amplifier My friend asked him about this review and JVS responded he found the amps unsatisfactory...because he was using speakers that dip below 1Ohm...with tube amps...and he blamed the manufacturer who should have"known better"... you judge. The C word come to mind. No, not the curse word.
  7. Precisely As i said, my friends conversation with about several reviews he has done (my friend owns gear JVS reviewed) and some of his other comments left a very specific impression. I will leave it at that. i will also add when they compared notes about listening impressions of certain rooms, you would have thought they at different shows.
  8. Funny you mention it..a friend of mine in LA. saw JVS and called me to tell me he looked SO Much older than his pics and headshot. He also said their brief conversation helped him form an a very specific opinion, which I won't repeat. JVS was in a rush to see specific rooms, and he, and I quote, as the "#1 Stereophile writer at the show" had places to go.
  9. Strereophile...All MQA, All the time..no matter the time, place or venue! Mr. MQA at the Long Beach show: "A 96K MQA file of Muddy Waters’ “Never Go Back Again” revealed just how much depth this lovely-sounding system could produce (even if MQA-haters are praying we go back, back, back to the pre-MQA era)." https://www.stereophile.com/content/vandersteen-quatro-loudspeakers-and-m5-hpa-monoblocks-jeff-rowland-corus-stereo-preamplifier#tHMXfVrqVGvISCj0.99
  10. so this begs the question about all the remasters that have been done since then...what sources were used?
  11. Good information- This then prompts several important questions and observations: -First, the addition of MQA has not helped Tidal's numbers one iota, and other lossless services like Deezer and Qobuz clearly see this and have thankfully bypassed it. -How long can the streaming services aside from Apple continue to bleed like a stuck pig before the streaming industry collapses? The fact is the vast, VAST majority of music consumers do not want to pay for it, or they want to pay as little as possible. Unfortunately, there may be no solution for this.
  12. John Darko says 41% of his 594 Twitter followers use Tidal. https://darko.audio/2019/06/global-feedback-which-music-streaming-service-do-you-mostly-use/
  13. When you pour all your resources into products and formats that clearly have a short shelf life...DVD-A, MLP, absurdly expensive CD players, and the laughable Sooloos system, is it a surprise your company will bleed out like a stuck pig?
  14. ....or much luck in getting people to buy his gear. One ex dealer said his employees referred to Meridian products as the world's most expensive paperweights 😃
  15. This story could not be more timely....I sold off some extra gear I had sitting in the garage a few weeks ago, and the guy who bought it was running a nice vintage system...JBLs, Luxman tubes, etc. I asked what his source was and he said a restored Garrad turntable and Spotify. He said he simply connects his phone to his preamp. I asked if he had tried CD quality services like Deezer or Tidal....and said.."Spotify is not CD quality?"...I said "no", and he was surprised, but did not care one bit enough to even consider paying $20 a month.
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