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  1. Puppet Master Bob Stuart beat him to the punch. You are one of the "influencers" Master Quack Audio bamboozled, which they noted was their business plan in their public filings.
  2. Since when do you care about what experts have to say?
  3. Spot on. And shows just how shoddy Darko's "journalism" is... No doubt he is projecting the sins of Master Quack Audio on to the the as advertised lossy Sony and Qualcomm codecs.
  4. If you had any doubt about what an absolute toole Darko is.,behold this laughably hypocritical rubbish--- "Despite some slippery marketing language that makes suggestions to the contrary, both Qualcomm’s aptX HD and Sony’s LDAC are lossy codecs: they discard data because their bandwidth is insufficient for CD-quality audio’s 1411kbps. These codecs’ claim to hi-res ‘support’ is a fingers-crossed-behind-your-back-because-you-hope-noone-will-notice type of fib." https://darko.audio/2021/05/apple-rumours-cd-quality-streaming-bluetooth/ Let's correct it for him..
  5. This is crazy funny. Rolling Stone just did Home Audio product recommendation feature, which they usually do a couple of times a year....and they screwed MyTek royally...lol...See below...for "Roon's Brooklyn Bridge".....😆
  6. You are sadly misinformed. Schiit? Check your facts. They despise him,
  7. Chris, I understand where you are coming from, but unfortunately Amir's dishonesty and sociopathy are intertwined and part of the very fabric of his forum. There is not a single manufacturer who will so much as send him a nut and bolt to "review", he has set about to destroy small businesses, and cause great harm.
  8. Amir is one of the most vile, disingenuous, and incompetent buffoons you will encounter on any forum He is a sociopath and a charlatan, hence his attraction to Stuart. It is commonly known in my business they stick together. Oh, and he is a malignant narcissist to boot. Aside from making an utter fool of himself for years, he has bamboozled his flock and fleeces them through Patreon. Apparently he also fleeces the American tax payer.
  9. I have tell you Arch, there is overwhelming evidence that Madrona Digital is a sham or shell company. They have the most generic cut and paste website with stock photos. They list employees that have not been there for years. The job titles are laughably absurd. And under "Careers" even more absurd, like an "opening" for "Journeyman Technician" lol.. The last social media entry on any platform, was from 2015. Amir at one point claimed to have a walk in store, which he closed, not surprising, since anyone with half a brain figured out he is a charlatan, dishonest, and
  10. This is a classic fallback reviewers have used for decades...anonymous listening buddies/panels/manufacturers who "confirm" subjective listening impressions. It was old then and old now. Be a mensch, post WAV or AIFF clips of your master file and the Master Quack versions. Don't hide behind copyright excuses. 60 seconds is all that is needed. We are waiting. 😗
  11. He sure did. Bob Stuart made sure his Useful Idiot got his files post haste.. "I had sent MQA's Bob Stuart the 24/88.2 masters of some of my recordings, for him to produce MQA versions." "Amazing Grace: The first of two recordings of mine I used for my comparisons and for which Bob Stuart had prepared MQA versions, this arrangement by Eriks Esenvalds opens and closes with solo soprano, set against a choral vocalise. I've always been happy with the sound of the original 24/88.2 WAV file, but with the MQA version, Genna McAllister's angelic vocal line stands a little more
  12. What color are your ASR knee pads? Do they have the ASR logo on them?😅
  13. The facts, and JA's own words point to the scenario that they through "journalism" out the window, and provided zero critical thinking to the snake oil that was being peddled. It also clearly showed that Atkinson and his cohorts had their interests aligned with the industry, and not the consumer. Let's re-examine a few beauties....if we may.. Many more can be found. "I believe that this time-domain behavior is responsible for the superb sound quality I heard at the Meridian dem. As I wrote, I have sent Bob some of my own hi-rez files for MQA mastering, so that I will b
  14. This is exactly what Charlatans and Pseudo Experts do when exposed. They move the goal posts, speak out of both sides of their mouths, and the classic "Yes, but..." Both Amir and Atkinson are the useful idiots MQA hoped to recruit, and they got what they wanted. And in turn all of them are the laughing stock and have no credibility.
  15. I am sure every member of this community and all music lovers are very thankful for your efforts. This is the nuclear warhead into MQA's heart. Enough of the lies, deceit, and arrogance. They will fail. I wish them nothing but misery. For some perspectives from the pro audio side... https://fairhedon.com/2017/11/05/an-interview-with-mastering-engineer-brian-lucey/ https://ask.audio/articles/mqa-is-this-codec-masquerading-as-high-quality-audio https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/mqa-time-domain-accuracy-digital-audio-quality
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