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  1. ....The subscribers which you refuse to audit? The subscriber base that has steadily shrinking like George Costanza fresh out of the pool;? I would not be surprised if you have as many comps as paid subs. 😂
  2. Interesting precisely because it is mis/dis-information. We are now used to hearing distortions of the truth from manufacturers, the press, and dealers with regards to MQA, But to hear it from a recording artist is surprising. I also find it disturbing he seems to think his "MQA Masters" are available on 7digital, Deezer, and Qobuz.
  3. Extremely interesting post, filled with very questionable information, but worth a read- By David Elias- "This post excerpt comes in part from an email response to my friend Harold in the Netherlands. He was curious about our discussion related to my early MP3 work as an online musician through the 90's into 2000's and how and why my MP3s could have sounded so good back then to literally everyone who heard them. At the same time in another email to audiophile Dez in LA how the audio gear available today has removed 'computer' from the delivery of 'computer audio'. Of course smartphones are all computers too but what we usually mean by computer is a desktop, laptop, or even tablet. The network is becoming transparent. Music libraries can exist in many places and a single playlist can reference any or all of them at will. The quality of the audio delivered to headphones and speakers can be streamed at studio master DXD quality using little more than 1mbps (1024kbps) which even my iffy satellite connection in Hawaii can support. This unfolds to 24/352.8k on my MQA Masters via TIDAL also on 7Digital, Deezer, Qobuz and other streaming lossless services. If you can listen to studio masters from anywhere at anytime there's no need for a sweet spot in a single room to go to when you want to hear your good sounding music. You don't have to lug it around on computers with you either. It is a new audiophile armchair-less world in these ways these days." Full post- https://art-of-listening.com/2020/01/11/the-fading-audiophile-armchair/
  4. Thank you Professor Cogley. On the money. This is a poster like several others where the lengths of their posts are proportionally inverse to the substance.🤠
  5. Points noted. Also note that SOS wrote ONE piece on MQA in 5 years. You and every other publication published far, far more Of course, you deserve enormous credit for providing a platform for a multi part MQA expose'. So thanks for that. 😎
  6. The piece you linked was indeed fluff. But please note, since then they have completely ignored MQA. And..on their forum, the author admitted he saw no purpose to MQA when shown data about it not being lossless, unnecessary post processing, DRM, and the fact that no "mastering tools": ever appeared. Contrast that with the TAS/Stereophile/Audiostream/Darko coverage. And even your initial coverage where you were super excited.
  7. You are spot on. But you have just scraped the surface. 🤪
  8. Look, one could spend two hours going line by line in poignant out that these 1200 words are nothing but pure pseudo techno babble, half truths, and a fog of vagueness so thick you could cut it with a knife Please, tell me, as you lounge in your ivory tower, exactly what a" modern approach to sampling" is? I would love to know.
  9. Oh yes, I read his response with great interest. It was total and utter fantasy, with, literally an alternate reality. All that needs to be highlighted is "where labels or artists are working with MQA during the production process (recording, mixing and mastering), MQA can work with the real definitive Master at point of creation". That is literally garbage pulled out of thin air. and better yet- "There is a strong support from professional recording and mastering engineers for the sonic benefits and ‘Authentication’ in MQA. Finally, MQA is not a 'filter', this has been refuted many times in Q&A materials and perpetuating the myth reflects either a lack of expertise, an inability to read, or just mischief!" Again a total and utter fantasy.
  10. Steve Stone is laughable, has zero credibility, and is clearly desperate writing for such a bottom feeding website.
  11. how have those who call out MQA "behaved badly"? In your opinion? Who cares what you think. Lying, ignoring facts, contesting verified scientific data, and disingenuous contact only deserves smash mouth responses. If you don't like it, tough.
  12. Simply devastating, sir. If AR Q does not understand your points, then there is nothing to more to be done.
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