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  1. Nah, I have heard numerous, too many to even count, 'philes say silver is "bright" because that is what they heard or read.
  2. ...and I would agree with you 100%. The statement about silver cables that I quoted is an example of 'philes regurgitating what they read in the stereo magazines.
  3. Yawn. I would not spend a shekel oh any of these paperweights.
  4. "Silver cables are the worst, they all have an unnatural sound." Uh, no.😟
  5. C'mon guys. No body really thinks I spent $220,000 on speaker cables, do they?🤠 I am not a pauper, and I also not Michael Bloomberg. I am perfectly happy with my Transparent and DH Labs speaker cables.😇
  6. I ordered 3 pairs. 😁 Is this the path way to Golden Ears? 😇
  7. I don't have numbers to prove it, but I am fairly certain the number of MQA releases is slowing down dramatically.
  8. Without fail, your posts shine a bright light into how full of s$$t Harley and Stuart really are. Stay well.🤠
  9. Actually, and this will be interesting to serious Dead Heads, most Dead live tapes were transferred to digital via the Plangent Process, and they use proprietary encoding. The GD release a good portion of their live archival releases in 24/192, and also HDCD. Maybe you know, or someone else might, is there a way to encode HDCD via software from 24 bit files? The only other way they can create HDCDs from the Plangent transfers, would be to convert them to analog then back to digital with the Model 1/2 in my estimation. Tons of detail, here, not for the casual fan:
  10. Not sure, but what is weird, unless I am mistaken, the Grateful Dead continue to release HDCDs for their excellent live archival sets.
  11. Maybe you are on to something..perhaps MQA is planning to start debarring cell phone conversations, or maybe there will be MQA enabled hearing aids, so that those afflicted with hearing loss can hear with no timing errors, or maybe MQA underwear, so that after a rough nite and one too many tacos, you can play psycho acoustically corrected Butt Trumpet.🤗
  12. Maybe RH will appear as a hologram at the next audio show, if it actually ever takes place. Remember, Moses parted the Red Sea, Jesus walked on water, and Bob Stuart created MQA....😜
  13. How about this...🤣 "Now along comes a technology that delivers better sound quality than their massive PCM files, requires absolutely no expertise, is inexpensive and convenient, has a low bit rate, and to top it off, is readily available to everyone. With a couple of taps on a smartphone, any kid can stream audio that sounds better than the high-bit-rate files the early adopters worked so hard to acquire. In a single stroke, MQA democratized high resolution and obviated the early adopters’ elite status."
  14. Dr. Quint: First, I want to thank you for finally addressing your magazine's coverage of MQA, for the first time, after repeated requests. It is nice to get your perspective, instead of your usual civility crusade. You actually made a valid point with respect to press releases. As for this statement; "I'll spring for a digital subscription so you can look for evidence of rampant MQA shilling" Aside from mentions of MQA in reviews as a product "feature", this is from Sept of 2019- https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/hi-res-democr
  15. any comment on MQA? Ore just trolling/moderating?
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