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  1. The email I got was dated 21 February (not sure if that was the send date or the date I received it). It said that I would be charged the new rate from my next payment, which is 7 March. I think that means I will then move over to the Premier tier - I'm certainly not able to play hi res files yet. If your payment was due on 19 February, a day or two before the announcement, wouldn't it be correct to charge at the old price? Unfortunate, but I suppose they have to draw the line somewhere! Regarding customer service, it does seem to have slipped over the past few years. Previously I would always get a personal response, generally with a free album download added to my account.
  2. Thanks for highlighting this. To be honest, though, I’m not sure where they’re getting this information. It’s interesting that most of the discussion is about the price drop, which may or may not happen here in Europe. But they’re also saying loud and clear that MP3 is no longer fit for purpose. I think they’d have a big problem if these changes don’t apply to other territories because the implication would be that MP3 is not good enough for US subscribers but perfectly good enough for the rest of their customers.
  3. Yes - as a very happy subscriber to the French and then the UK sites for many years I'm feeling a bit hacked off about this. It would surely have been reasonable to expect Qobuz to advise their long time customers here in Europe about what their plans are for us at the same time as these changes are announced for US subscribers. Maybe I'm being unreasonably impatient, but my loyalty to Qobuz is pretty stretched right now!
  4. This has been my experience too, since upgrading to 3.5. My scenario is similar, in my case a late 2012 Mac Mini, but with 10GB RAM - latest Mac OS and Audirvana updates. RAM usage creeps up to around 4GB over a period of hours, and seems at its worst when I've been creating playlists. I suspect changing settings also causes this - I noticed it after I had been fiddling with the output settings.
  5. Is anybody else having problems maintaining a link with Qobuz within Audirvana over the past couple of days? I've logged out of Qobuz several times then logged in again, and it then works fine for a while before again losing the connection. The Qobuz app has worked fine throughout, so I assume the problem is not there. I'm using 3.5.7 and my Qobuz account is in the UK. TIA
  6. That looks great, and I see it has started to roll out on the Mac app. Hopefully more 'back catalogue' albums will appear like this over time, as well as all new classical releases. However, I note that this has not yet been implemented on the IOS and Android apps. I hope this will happen since without it the mobile apps are for me, as someone who listens mainly to classical, becoming pretty useless. Can you confirm this is in the works for future mobile updates, David? Thanks.
  7. The Qobuz app (in the Mac version anyway, though not the mobile versions) has recently begun to use groupings in their classical listings, so that each classical work is shown, followed by the individual movements. This is not yet true of every album but hopefully will be rolled out on most classical releases over time. Presumably it depends on metadata provided by the label. This very useful feature doesn’t appear to have been enabled in 3.5 as yet, and I wonder if Damien can advise whether it’s in the works for a future beta.
  8. That's good news. Thanks for your quick response, David. Regards.
  9. I’ve noticed recently that classical releases often do not carry the name of the composition in the Title field, only the tempo markings. I had thought this was something new, but I’ve found instances of it happening in the past. Still, I do think this is increasingly the case. Recent examples include the new Nelsons Shostakovich disc and the Haitink Bruckner and Mahler boxes, but there are many more. This is happening in the Qobuz desktop app (Mac in my case), as well as the mobile apps, and so also in Audirvana. Tidal, Spotify and Deezer all have full information, so I’m skeptical about this being a problem with metadata supplied by the labels. I contacted Qobuz customer support a week ago but as yet haven’t had a response. I’ve been a very satisfied Qobuz subscriber for many years, but if this is growing trend I will have to think about moving to Tidal. I’m wondering if anybody else has noticed this and, if so, whether they find it problematic.
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