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  1. On the subject of piracy, there are quite a few piracy protection companies-MUSO and Audiolock for example that do a decent job of negating and taking down pirated content (no I don't work for either). The only thing that worries me is MQA which can be used in a fashion that's like DRM. I prefer my music in bit perfect FLAC, DXD, or DSD, not the MQA "folded" format. If the audio world gets in a war with the hackers and pirates only the hackers will win and everyone else will suffer. No matter what kind of copy protection that's developed someone will devise a method of bypassing it. That's already been proven over and over for video and gaming. Even in our world the SACD format which was originally uncopiable can be ripped.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly! I was looking for a streaming version of Dobie Gray's Drift Away. The first version I clicked on brought my wife running (or some semblance of, we're old) into the room "What the hell is that!!", I couldn't stand it for more than 30 seconds. Interestingly the re-release that sounds closest to the original is the ATMOS version even though I don't have ATMOS, needless to say the original is still the "right" one. Unfortunately it isn't limited to just Dobie and Def Leppard.
  3. Thanks, I've never really read any of his work, but from what I've seen in the articles I've been searching thru we are of like mind.
  4. Can you post a direct link to that? I'm searching thru articles on biline.ca but can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  5. That's right up there with "hear how much better that sounds". lol
  6. LOL, never seen it put that way-but it encapsulates my feelings about MQA quite well. For whatever reason it makes me picture barnacles on boat hulls.
  7. You can apply dsp to MQA, it just has to be done post unfolding. A MQA dac that outputs analog to an integrated receiver with dsp is one way. Don't mistake that for an endorsement of MQA in any way, shape, or form. Count me as one who'd be happier if it was never even conceived.
  8. Neither one bothers me, but I'll happily hope and wish MQA is dead right along with you. I see the Roon link as being helpful even if I don't choose to use it. If my input makes any difference I say keep both.
  9. Thanks for replying to that, I would have had to assume.
  10. The only real reason for doing it that way would be to save some processing power and speed things up. I don't know how much more processing it would take to leave the first step out but there didn't seem to be any delay when I played the flac I had misnamed as MQA. I am using a fairly fast system though so it's possible there was a delay that I couldn't preceive. Edit: changed tense of played
  11. You're right, the first step is redundant and leaving it out would mean more accuracy by detecting MQA files that aren't properly named.
  12. They deleted my post, probably because I put that link in. No biggie, I saw that you got it before it was taken down. In my defense I was a bit groggy at the time and if I'd actually been alert I'd have IM'd it to you. Anyway, I downloaded the MQA file put it in a folder with a flac of Meatloaf's Alive that I had renamed to alive.mqa.flac and played them. Audirvana Studio did recognize the file you sent as MQA, and it didn't recognize the renamed copy of Alive as MQA but played it as straight HD flac. Lastly I renamed easy.mqa.flac to easy.flac and Audirvana Studio displayed and played it as HD but not MQA. So it can't determine a misnamed MQA file is MQA but it can determine a flac file misnamed as MQA isn't actually MQA. Odd, but certainly not the worst behavior it could have had. Here's what Audirvana Studio displayed:
  13. Thanks, that's good to know. The hacker in me now wants to know what'll happen if you add the ".mqa" to a file that isn't MQA. lol. I'll give it a try tomorrow, getting a bit late for me.
  14. That's bizarre, I would have thought it would detect it. From what I know (which isn't much) MQA files can be used with players that don't have MQA decoding, they just ignores the MQA stuff, it sounds as if that's what's happening. I don't have any MQA files locally to test it with Studio and I have no interest in buying any but I'll see if I can download a free clip or test file of some sort. I seem to remember 2L posting something about free test files. I'll check and get back to you.
  15. No problem, my grandfather had a saying, "those who don't make mistakes don't do anything". I've certainly made my share!
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