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  1. I own all three DACs in your article. My ranking differs to yours. I have the RME on first place. RME has a feature I need: DSD direct. When used with HQ Player the RME ADI 2 Dac with DSD direct makes the first place. The Yggdrasil is my oldest DAC and my emotional favorite. It has the sound signature I am used to since many years. Drawback for me is the limitation to PCM 192. The Matrix is my newest purchase for SACD and DSD playback up to 512 without HQP. Plus it decodes MQA. First impressions are very good, but too new for final judgement. Might replace the Yggdrasil.
  2. Ads are useful. But this is a visual insult.
  3. This red and oversized superphonica logo is simply plain ugly!
  4. Thank you for your review. Your work is really appreciated. I stay with my HD 800 mod. Because there is really nothing new and groundbreaking available. New stuff that could surpass the HD 800 mod is way too expensive for the added value.
  5. DLNA connection to an Oppo 105 works now! thanks a lot for making it happen. Even switching dlna devices with the remote app works. Great work Damien.
  6. Problem with the Ipad app and version 3.5.1: The app just pauses the playback and does not stop it. With playback paused you can not switch to a different DLNA device. It is blocked. I have to go back to my Mac and press stop there. Please fix it. Thank you!
  7. Thank you for the reviews. Great Work. For me the Schiit Yggdrasil will make it to the finish line. It is also a matter of price and in two years the race is on again anyways.
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