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  1. Thanks, so I am guessing I will not smoke the whole thing with three power supplies.
  2. For the best sound quality Allo recommends connecting three power supplies. 1 to microcontroller , another to the katana and one to rpi. I have the katana and an isolator 1.3, my question is; is it possible to connect three power supplies, one to microcontroller, another to the katana and one to isolator? Katana tech manual shows how to connect the katana and the isolator with 2 PSUs, but is there a way to get better sound with 3 power supplies? For the three power supplies on page 6-7 (3 power supplies)of the katana tech manual shows J30 jumper in katana open; while on page 4 when only two power supplies are provided with the isolator katana jumper J30 is closed. When connecting three power supplies with the isolator (if possible) should J30 jumper on katana be closed or open? Thanks in advance. Rajesh
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