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  1. Mono and Stereo listened to both and gave the Extreme a best of 2019 award and ranked the PF in the upper echelon class (one tier below editor’s choice): https://www.monoandstereo.com
  2. I see only Iconoclast interconnects on the Sonore website and no speaker cables, is this correct?
  3. The M12 Gold comes with a dedicated low noise power supply. As you may be aware, the design and science of the switch and the connectors originate from industrial networks.
  4. I love the ER in my system but personally wouldn’t use Emiles findings as promotion. He mostly criticized the ER apart from one specific use case with specific SFPs. Also not sure how you got to $ 6,800 for the M12 Gold. Note the cables come with the switch with no extra charge. List price is EUR 4,165.
  5. The CX is a more high power server, the EX is intended as lower power streamer. On their own website, Antipodes uses the terms server and renderer. Here they state EX is the best renderer and CX the best server: https://antipodes.audio/product/antipodes-cx/ In this review you will find a description of the SQ of both when functioning stand alone: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/antipodes-cx-ex-part2/ I only have first hand experience with the EX stand alone and the EX / CX combo, so can’t comment first hand on the SQ of the CX stand alone. My gut feeling however says it’s better to use the best renderer directly connected to your DAC instead of the best server.
  6. Iconoclast started in 2015 and there is another thread on AS regarding this cable brand, see:
  7. Hi @BigAlMc, a possible explanation for the difference in SQ gap between the Hong Kong and Netherlands test could be that first test used the full options version of the SoTM (list price $ 1,900) including external clocking and the second test used the basic version (list price $ 800) with the standard power supply (not the SPS-500). Also the Dutch test was a blind test and the HK seems to be sighted.
  8. Comparison of ER with full option SoTM switches here: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/sotm-snh-10g-network-switches-x2-the-new-king-of-usb-network-gadget-setup.27758/page-12
  9. The results are in: https://www.alpha-audio.nl/review/zeven-switches-voor-streaming-audio-getest-blind/2/
  10. McNulty

    Antipodes CX

    @magnuska: could you please share where I can find the base software upgrade for the EX? It was my understanding the EX uses Sonicorbiter, which is at version 2.7 for some time now. Thanks.
  11. McNulty

    Antipodes CX

    I also have just the EX and had an in store demo of first only the EX and then the EX / CX combo (both with Roon). In that system I didn’t find the gain in SQ significant enough to justify the additional costs of the CX. With the recent Roon 1.7 upgrade my experience is the EX performs better on SQ, suggesting the additional improvements to be gained with adding the CX might even be smaller with Roon nowadays. Christiaan Punter from the review site Hifi Advice however was really impressed with the EX / CX combo compared to just the EX, see https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/network-player-reviews/antipodes-cx-ex-part1/
  12. Roon SQ also seems better since the update. Perhaps due to the streaming optimizations and performance improvements listed in the release notes?
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