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  1. Chiaroscuro Quartet is among my absolute favorite. They will soon release a recording of Beethoven Early String Quartets.
  2. I really like Stephen Hough. I have not heard this download yet but will tonight. Really like Hyperion Art.
  3. Not familiar with this trio but I figured anything with Christian McBride is worth a listen. May spend the night listening to his downloads. Really enjoying.
  4. This showed up in my Roon Daily Mix so thought I would listen to whole download.
  5. I have heard of Josquin Des Prez and Anonymous I know well. Rest of composers I will have to turn an aged set of Grove. Very pleasant.
  6. Trying to unpack after moving. Downsizing means headphones instead of speakers. I am enjoying much more than I thought I would. Tonight first night of relaxed listening:
  7. I am still working my way through her Vivaldi Album. Not yet admitted defeat. Really kind of like this.
  8. Not sure the “hi-res” download was worth it. The music is. Pleasant evening to all.
  9. Listening to download disc 1 and 2 Handel and Bach sonatas for violin and keyboard.
  10. Listening to this tonight considering purchase. The piano quartet and quintet not real familiar with. Piano trios I enjoy the recordings by Florestan Trio. Very much like Trio Wanderer. We will see.
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