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  1. Going to sneak this into my playlist. Very much enjoy this recording. May also sneak in a glass of wine-or two.
  2. Ugly rain and now a beautiful day. Blessed to be alive. Its going to be a Keb Mo afternoon and night.
  3. Finally with the Granchildren after 15 months-age 5 and 7. Happy and utterly exhausted. Going to sleep soon. Really good music for a really good place.
  4. Noted. In my defense I listen on headphones at night and randomize the playlist because I fall asleep before I get to the second recording. I agree with the preference for “Le .... Rameau”. I listened to the other Harmonia Mundi release above (Ensemble Correspondances) yesterday afternoon and enjoyed it. I seem to be often listening to that label.
  5. Plan to plays these random and enjoy. So much talent.
  6. I have ripped or downloaded all of Brahms chamber music including four different recordings of some or all of his violin sonatas. I like them all-Brahms is to me his chamber music including his piano pieces (Stephen Hough and earlier Katchen).
  7. I would have so enjoyed attending even one concert. The download includes only those performances in which Ms. Argerich played and is I suppose not complete. My wife is still asleep so I am listening to this on iPad and headphones on Roon. My iPad is struggling with this. Apple might consider upping the internal RAM someday.
  8. Enjoyed with a glass of wine before dinner.
  9. I am thinking about purchasing headphone. What does this mean? 4.5Vrms maximum, 32 ohm minimum load. I just want to purchase a real nice pair of headphones at normal listening levels. Recommendation appreciated. Mike
  10. Think you are right. Ms. Joni Mitchell.
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