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  1. The Handel Violin Sonatas are musical comfort food. I think maybe we all have some music like this.
  2. I have my Modem, Router, NAS and Roon Core (Sonictransporter i5) in a room upstairs and I am considering purchase an uninterruptible power supply mostly to protect the NAS. No magic here? Everything goes through Orbimesh Router and my Streamer/DAC is situated elsewhere in my home.
  3. Unhappy Sunday[New York Giants-geesh] Keith Jarrett is a pick up.
  4. I a really happy with my system: Source: Roon Nucleus and Orbi Mesh Wi-fi, Orbi Mesh Satellite,Etherregen Streamer: Lumin U1 DAC: Bricasti M3 Amp: Bel Canto e1x Speakers: B+W 802d3 I purchased the Etherregen and inserted it between the Orbi Satellite and the LUMIN to “filter” out the noise from the satellite-thought that would be a large potential for noise. Happy with result. Reading about power supplies for Etherregen confuses me because I figured almost all the noise from the Etherregen power supply would be filtered out by the Etherregen before passin
  5. Pleasant music for a beautiful summer evening.
  6. I run a Benchmark AHB2 stereo mode into a pair of B&W 802d3. The amp does not clip at any listening level I would use. Is there any benefit running a pair of amps mono other than they would play louder than I would ever want to listen?
  7. I enjoy my system. I stream because of the diversity of music available from Qobuz. Stuff I would never listen to because I didn’t know it existed. I am listening to streamed recorded music and it’s enjoyable but it’s not live. I am beginning to think that it’s time to stop looking for something that doesn’t exist, enjoy what I have and search out live performance locally.
  8. Something for a champagne buzz tonight.
  9. Never heard this but I will tonight. Hope this is in the spirit of this thread.
  10. Thanks, found setting in Zone settings in Roon. Works ok. Will check out iTunes
  11. During the day I listen to playlists I make including Christmas Playlist. The variation in volume level is amazing-very soft for some music to threshold of pain on others. Annoying. Old ears find loud music kind of muddy. Roon has some kind of volume thing which I can google and try. At night when I tend to listen to an album or two I can stream directly from Qobuz which I prefer and bypass any signal processing.
  12. Honest to God I don’t know what an Ethernet Switch is. I have Benchmark DAC and Amp and the most important reason I have them is that when I purchased them Benchmark had and probably still has a liberal return policy. I liked what I heard.
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