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  1. Thanks, found setting in Zone settings in Roon. Works ok. Will check out iTunes
  2. During the day I listen to playlists I make including Christmas Playlist. The variation in volume level is amazing-very soft for some music to threshold of pain on others. Annoying. Old ears find loud music kind of muddy. Roon has some kind of volume thing which I can google and try. At night when I tend to listen to an album or two I can stream directly from Qobuz which I prefer and bypass any signal processing.
  3. Honest to God I don’t know what an Ethernet Switch is. I have Benchmark DAC and Amp and the most important reason I have them is that when I purchased them Benchmark had and probably still has a liberal return policy. I liked what I heard.
  4. At some point isn’t about what you hear? Last week I sat down to listen to Ben Webster and drink a little bourbon. The most relevant measurement I guess was the amount of bourbon in the glass. Do measurements make people want to seek the more perfect? I guess it is about rational decision making but it all seems a little weird to me.
  5. I would so enjoy listening to a live performance. One of my favorites.
  6. Along with a glass of a nice Spanish White, a relaxing evening:
  7. Thank you, a wonderful idea-no World Series tonight.
  8. Already own one and am most favorably disposed towards the unit.
  9. Sorry for my less than prompt response. Posts here overwhelm me a little. I really like the Benchmark Amp. It plays softly well and is pleasant to hear. I hide the amp in a cabinet so ability to turn it off when not in use is helpful.
  10. I have a BENCHMARK amp which I give 5 minutes to the amp and myself to warm up. At 67 I think my hearing varies a little each day usually depending on how many laps I did in the pool that morning.
  11. Can SonicOrbiter access Amazon HD at 192/24 or is it limited to Shairpoint/ Airplay. Is it possible to create an app that would allow this or given Amazon this is currently unrealistic?
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