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  1. Before the World Series, very pleasant.
  2. Already own one and am most favorably disposed towards the unit.
  3. Sorry for my less than prompt response. Posts here overwhelm me a little. I really like the Benchmark Amp. It plays softly well and is pleasant to hear. I hide the amp in a cabinet so ability to turn it off when not in use is helpful.
  4. I have a BENCHMARK amp which I give 5 minutes to the amp and myself to warm up. At 67 I think my hearing varies a little each day usually depending on how many laps I did in the pool that morning.
  5. Can SonicOrbiter access Amazon HD at 192/24 or is it limited to Shairpoint/ Airplay. Is it possible to create an app that would allow this or given Amazon this is currently unrealistic?
  6. Sounds like me except I use Bel Canto 600’s.
  7. Observation. Qobuz has upgraded its library enough that I no longer see a need for Tidal. This is particular to me I guess since I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical. Pretty good alternative to Amazon. Since it is EU based hopefully it will survive Amazon HD.
  8. Not sure if your permitted two, but what I will listen to tonight. Old friends.
  9. I currently use a Sonore Rendu running SonicOrbiter into a Mytek DAC. I use ROON/Qobuz. I am really happy with what I have and would make changes only if I had to. To access Amazon Hi-Def Am I right that what would be required would be a software rewrite by Sonore or who writes their software to play Amazon Hi-Def and to use Amazon with Roon in addition to Sonore changes also software changes to ROON.
  10. When will the power supply be available foe purchase?
  11. I have now been listening to the OpticalRendu for weeks so my system has settled down. Change was basically the OpticalRendu for the Ultra, Optical Module and fiber, and Teddy Pardo power supplies. System improved, mostly in bass performance- more there and more defined. I feel now that the quality of the source is most important. I have burned CDs but mostly listen Qobuz. So much to listen to, so many wonderful musicians. Will be hard to convince a 67 year old upgrade from here. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. Source :Roon and EERO Mesh Wi-fi Amp: (2) Bel Canto Ref 600 (Brickwall Surge Protector) Stream: Sonore Opticalmodule(Teddy Pardo 5v power supply) to Sonore OpticalRendu(Teddy Pardo 7v power supply) DAC: Mytek Brooklyn+ (Uptone JS-2) Speakers: B+W 802d3
  12. System: Roon over Wifi-EERO mesh. Some kind of Switch? Cheap power supply Fiber into OpticalRendu USB into Mytek Brooklyn Dac+, both Dac and Optical rendu run off the same Uptone JS 2 power supply Bel Canto Ref 600 Amp B&W 802 Really enjoy system and noticed an audible improvement when OpticalRendu installed. No way for me to know if it was isolation from fiber or just that the OpticalRendu is a better unit made with better parts. I purchased the Optical Module hoping better parts and an opportunity to get rid of another cheap power supply (the switch). The Patio is run off Sonos which is located about a meter from the main units. I usually leave the Sonos unplugged unless in use. Considering where I have to locate stuff heat is an issue and most the units run pretty cool. Would the Optical rendu run cooler at 6v or even 5v and does voltage impact sound quality?
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