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  1. I think the MU2 is basically a MU1 with analog output correct me if I'm wrong cheers!
  2. Hi All, I've found another problem after I updated to the latest version In Roon, after playing a track, sometimes it can't go on to radio mode, where Roon chooses your potential favourite songs sometimes, when it stops playing, even if you press on an album, it won't play things will get back to know if you're in euphony and restart Roon bridge. but time and again it will revert to this bug. I'll open a ticket and see how it goes anyone has the same problem? Thanks
  3. hi all fascinating discussion I've finally bought and installed euphony and will compare it serious with AL again There was a lot of hiccups for installation, and changing to a new USB stick and new M2 SSD saved the day. Anyway, there is a new update just released today. I forgot to read the content and then just pressed update. Any ideas what the update is about? Thanks
  4. I don't know why I've tried multiple times to update the euphony ( mine is the trial version) but when it download to 90%, it always stop and say "complete with error" Any idea? thanks
  5. I'm here to report what I've done with euphony. My setup is DNHE, changed to Akasa fanless case, 8G ram. UPtone JS2 and also local made LPS Roon server in QNAP HS 435X NAS Virtual switch to the NUC. MUTEC MC3+USB clock Grimm LS1BE system I used AL as Roon endpoint in ram boot before. Very good sound, but I agree, slightly thin. I then bought a M2 SSD 126 WD green, especially for euphony. Boot up the Euphony from USB chose Roon endpoint for it, and VOLA. The base is more bouncy than before. Vocal is more natural. But is it 2 class above AL? I don't know yet. I've tried the stylus as player, and stream the files from the NAS. It didn't work very well, seems like some hiccups. Need to test it a bit more Will report when test out this and that. Thanks Bob for the introduction and Arthur for the Euphony. Great stuff
  6. Bob, May I know your preliminary method to fix that Roon bridge bug? Thanks Arthor: when will the update to squash this bug be available? I'm keen to have euphony to act as a Roon bridge! THanks
  7. hi bob how's the shootout so far? for Euphony, I'm wondering whether it can run on M2 SSD on the NUC as endpoint? (coz right now my NUC is disc-less, only with 8G ram running AL) does having SATA on NUC as compare with AL on ram, is the prior more noisy? notably? Many thanks
  8. hi bob I noticed that you're enjoying Euphony more than AL, though I think AL sounds quite good too. For Euphony with NUC, I read that it needs a HD/ SSD to run it. Is that true? Can it be like AL to run it all on ram and have the NUC discLESS? Otherwise, I need to buy a M2 SSD to try it, which I don't want to if possible. Thanks! and enjoy the sound!
  9. Thanks a lot Bob it's now playing music in my Grimm system! VERY GOOD sound seriously! The depth, 3D and blackness. Thanks so much again!
  10. hi Bob I have installed the system by following your instructions. really helpful! I have a few silly questions 1. do you keep your NUC on all the time? 2. After powering off the system, when restart it, do you have to keep the USB stick in the machine to boot? 3. For each ram boot, it asks me to "ram boot or not y/n" and needs to type Y. Is there any possibility to auto boot the system into ram once you push the power button? So I don't need to connect it to a screen when I play music? Many thanks!
  11. Hi bob since reading your post, I've now ordered the DNHE and will build it as an end point I am now using the QNAP HS453 DX as the core (silent NAS with fireruda HD) hope it will turn out fine cheers
  12. hello bobfa. Awesome post! I love how you built it. I'm completely new to DIY server, thought I have a few years of experience of using "brand" servers, and now I'm interested and want to start to build my own server. Can you kindly break down the steps into smaller ones, or even with included video? So that I can buy the components, just like yours, and built it step by step like building lego. Many thanks for your great help! happy listening!
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