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  1. Boccherini: Sonate per il violoncello, Vol. 2 I. Allegro moderato
  2. Can you tell me how close you are to taiko usb when using ARC6 with jcat XE Have you tried to run the server using ARC6?
  3. You know, Nenon was using Power at a very high price and made great comparisons at high prices.Although this was a loss of money for him but he helped everyone by putting recipe for good parts . And since you got Taiko Atx, you should find someone who can build it and I think it would be an easy task for someone like lmitche. I find Nenon's experiences and Soul Analogue a great help for me.I'm still learning more from everyone.
  4. I have to thank Nenon for sharing his experience with Taiko ATX. It is now easy to get high performance for everyone without paying huge amounts of money and we have many options for ULPS. It's a win for audio community. good to know that grounding can improve the sound even more.
  5. Hi folks , I'm using the Power from @Soul Analogue with Taiko ATX. The performance is very promising. It's the first time I've turned it on before the transformer and cables are settled and everything is new . The stage is wide the sound is more holographic with new layers and the background is black. The resolution took a big leap . The natural sound is very excellent vocals are beautiful too. I've never tried any server power before, but I can say Soul Analogue ULPS is pretty good, and the parts he using look amazingly large, From the first sight and from the weigh
  6. https://audiobacon.net/best-audiophile-power-supplies/
  7. He seems to prefer Fidelizer Nikola2 I've never heard about it .
  8. Hi, How I can change the voltage from 115 to 230 for SR4T
  9. This is my exact question, can you try this method to connect both 8 pin and 4 pin at the same time .
  10. Can you use 4pin from taiko EPS 2 to power the 4pin CPU or it will not work like this ? I see all of them have same volt 12/GND like EPS1.
  11. This is really amazing, I don't know where the DIY will go. Will there be RAM with the same idea and we will be able to run all the internal component with an external power.😄
  12. Actually you don't need anything to stream tidal you can use your cell phone .
  13. I have to admit it's an amazing performance for XE and Euphony so far.It seems that there is a new level for the XE with v4.
  14. What is the issue with usbx and euphony . I am using usbx since long time without issue please clarify .
  15. With Zeljko's golden touches he made the 7EC barely reach 93%.
  16. Did you make any change from BIOS ? I changed Freq from euphony only. It is impressive your CPU utilization have 93%, mine is reaching 99-100% .
  17. I am using 421&108 going back and forth I decide to stay with 421.
  18. I am using AMD 3950x still I don't use any LPS for my server I have Taiko-ATX and I am waiting ULPS from taiko .
  19. I did try upsampling to DSD256 7EC with Euphony chord Dac but the problem is with Hqplayer specially with new ver they are not taking the advantage of multi core it looks Hq used two core and the process will hit 100% and the sound will start to cut. With old ver like 4.8 or 4.12 I can't upsample higher rate PCM like 192 to 7EC but with lower sample rate it's working good . I believe the best way to go with 7EC is to replicate @hols build . it looks he prefer PGGB now. For me I appreciate 7EC with song recorded as DSD but not to upsampling from PC
  20. I read @ASRMichael comment's explain IRQ after I start play with IRQ I feel the image is improving.
  21. With new version 421 the resolution & clarity details is remarkable. I am very satisfied with natural sound more than 108 . Image & holographic I feel it is less than 108. But I care much about natural so I am very happy with last update . I am sure Z will add something special with new update .
  22. I was playing with 3 versions 108 & 216 & 217 I find the sound unnatural at all when this two ver 216&217 installed in my system . But it is different when install 108 & 217 in my system I find the sound still natural, I don't know if I imagine that but I feel the previous ver impacting the sound somehow I don't know so I decided to keep old ver as part of my system if there's new update I will downgrade my ver to 108 then I will install the new one . I am using now 108 & 421.
  23. Z advised me to install new update he is correct no more shortens with any song .
  24. Today I started to experiment using PGGB with Euphony . I feel it is interesting tool for upsampling but I have some issue euphone is shortens the song especially long song . I need to figure out the reason for shortens the song. PGGB brings benefit to the sound I feel the timing is more accurate more natural sound with black background and reduce some of the harshness with better bass and amazing vocal .
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