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  1. @Marcin_gps I didn't test any power and I've read a lot of reviews for the DC4 and DR7. My reading concluded that they are the best in the market even SR7 not in the level of DR7, for DC3 many upgraded to DC4 all this reading before Nenon share in public his comparisons Many comments from Romaz and austinpop and Fourlegs about this powers.
  2. Nenon mention that Taiko DC-ATX is suitable for high CPU like 105TDP or above maybe the OPTIMO ATX will be competitive with 95 TDP or less .
  3. This will be a biggest gift for all audiophiles who are looking for a way to operate their servers.
  4. -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off same command in the dialog .
  5. if someone don't know about network noise please read Nenon comments he make it very easy to understand https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/post-709536
  6. OK I will try to make it simple as I can everyone can Test this one with his system. First you need same song with two copy let's put name A and B . or you can use any mic to recorder the result find your way . next - everyone know euphony if there is 4 songs in queue without pressing buffer queue to ram he will start buffer every two song gradually. so what you need actually play your songs normally and disconnect your ethernet after the all 4 song finish put your ethernet back . exclude song number 1 and 2 because they get
  7. I am enabling cache in my server I use my internal optane drive. But I am trying to explain that we need enhance the method of disabling network with euphony . I think for better sq we need to disable network first . second buffering the queue . this should apply in sequence .
  8. a- with this feature the problem is You have to buffer the queue before disconnecting network . (( this will add network activity in buffer)) . b- but I think is better to disconnecting network first then buffer . with option (b) you are buffering without network activity. I test this with same song two copy I find (b) less harsh more natural more clear . can you make same test from your side .
  9. Thinking again with good better easy solution for disconnect network and keep songs in buffer clean as possible. But this needs the Željko diamond touch to make it very easy . He can add extra feature after we add all local album in queue . - disable network and then euphony will auto add all music in buffer in 2 seconds. - network will enable auto after all file in buffer remaining clean and safe from any network noise . now we should enjoy the natural sound even after network is enable .
  10. Sorry for interrupting your post. But I was thinking it is good idea euphony adding only two song in buffer and will continue add every next two song to buffer . with this we can add many local file album and hit play then disconnect the ethernet so the third and fourth song will start adding to buffer without adding any noise from network and this will continue until all music in buffer without any noise from network.
  11. Hi Ninon, I am impatiently waiting for your updates about Taiko ATX + Unregulated LPS. Have you tried it with another server running Euphony ?? I am sure it will revolutionize the DIY world specially for processors that needs more power .
  12. Please any one can help me if he have old ver 20201008 or 20201005 please share with me.
  13. Hi, Can you tell me how to get back to 102, can you share the steps with me. I was telling my friend that I thought I preferred the old version of euphony more than the newer versions but I'm not sure because I couldn't compare it.
  14. You gave me the reason to avoid slimrun even the OPTO • USB Optical Isolation for USB DACs I am not sure if this extension is a good idea they will introduce their sound character.
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