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  1. Thanks Gavin1977, Laptop is an interim solution, i have a nuc but it does not have wifi and in my new home the router is far away. eventually i plan to add etheregen and edrock before DAC.
  2. I am about to install Gentoo in my laptop, just curious what is the best recommended setup in terms of players and clients etc, it does have option for roon ,hqplayer,lms and many others... need to understand under what configuration it outperforms euphony and others. Regards, Rakesh.
  3. Is there possibility of expansion, like adding jcat femento network cord?
  4. And guess what showed up on my google feed. Congrats on writing such a detailed review. Appreciate it very much .
  5. Did any one try Euphony vs Volumio? would like to hear the differences, as i am aware Euphony currently seems to very good
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