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  1. Thanks for the detailed answer! Seems we are in the same park, I too enjoy the analog setup more than digital. ;) Don’t go the MSB route, their DAC’s sound mighty fine but not analog and you’ll be disapointed again. I would suggest you keep your actual setup since it’s excellent and just enjoy the music! In fact, you helped me a lot! I won’t look to upgrade to X1 from my Linn Selekt DSM, I’ll try to improve my analog setup instead! :)
  2. Chris, could you compare the sound of X1 vs Berkeley Series 3 vs EMM DV2? I own a Linn Selekt DSM and I’m contemplating an upgrade. In my country, X1 is easier to get.
  3. Did you miss your analog setup now? Cristian
  4. Hello, How could I purchase the collection? I need a contact person since I’m not able to translate well enough the japanese sites 🙂 Cristian
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