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  1. Waw guys! You really rock!!!! Thank you @RunHomeSlow, you nailed it! And you too @pukkita 🙂 You both saved my day! I've just re-imported everything and I recovered all my albums. And I'm now able to create new ones as well!!! Kudos to you @RunHomeSlow for the option in the Finder: I've been using the Go To menu with the Alt button pressed everytime. Now I can easily browse to ~/Library. 😎 Same for you @pukkita for the SQLite Browser! That's a great tool to keep aside, for sure 😁 What a great community, really! Thanks again guys!
  2. @pukkita, no unfortunately. No .cue files in the folder I added lastely. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I jumped from a 2.X version to 3.X. This might be the reason for the bug. Don't know...
  3. Thanks for the tip. I tried that already but I decided to give it another try, just in case. Nothing changed 😞 I'm wondering if starting over with a brand new DB and importing everything back would make a difference. I might just try that actually (after backing everything up, of course). We'll see what happens. Thanks again for your help, Pukkita, it's really kind of you 🙂 I'll get back here with news as soon as I've done my test.
  4. Thank you for for the trick. Unfortunately, it's not working... My problem is probably a bit different. Let me explain a bit more in details, in case it makes a difference. Basically, I'm not able to create any more album. At all. It's actually even worse: I've lost all of the albums from the same artist now... And of course I can't recreate them. It's all starting to look very bad... I'm going to wait for the next update now, and see if it's fixed. Honestly, I'm on the fence between simply use the iTunes integration instead (which is a bit sad and not as convenient, I find...) or ask for a complete refund (which is really annoying, but it's starting to piss me off).
  5. Hi, Since I upgraded to the last version on macOS Sierra (A+ 3.2.15), I'm unable to create new albums. I select a group of tracks I just imported and in the metadata panel on the right, when I enter something in the album field, nothing is recorded. The Save button doesn't even show up, actually. And if I save it using CMD + S, it saves everything except the album information... What is weird is if I check metadata with another app, it's there! Did anybody have the same problem? Does anyone know what could cause this issue? Thanks! PS: I love this app but the support team did not respond to my request a couple of days ago. Maybe because @damien78 is alone and probably very busy. I hope someone here will have a start of answer 🙂
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