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  1. @InVino Looks like something happens with the database... Database is sqlite format, located on /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Audirvana/AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite I'd backup that file first. Wisest thing to do as @RunHomeSlow points is a wipe & re-import given that the database seems to be tainted. By the way, you can take a peek at the database contents with SQlite browser
  2. @InVino Could it be related to .cue files? Found a post from someone back in 2015 with a similar problem. with albums not displaying. Don't run the terminal command on that post blindly though! a mistake can wipe your entire system/library.
  3. Have you tried a database integrity check? File > Library > Optimize Database Have three options there, would start by doing an Integrity check.
  4. Have noticed that too (amongst several issues). There's a trick: after writing the album, click on another field, Period for example, that will trigger the save button to show. Sometimes this doesn't work; in this case, look at the songs, one from the album will display different data. Select all but that one, do the click to another field trick with them, then repeat with the "odd" one alone. Yes, it happens to me too. A bug. I'm shocked with the nonexistent level of "support" A+ has too. Seriously shocked.
  5. Recent Audirvana 3+ user (High Sierra), was absolutely blasted by its SQ. Have some questions that Audirvana site FAQ didn't clear: - I have an old macbook (10.7) on my second listening rig, where I installed the A+2.6 trial. I've purchased an A3+ license, is there any way of applying it to A+2.6? If not, are 2.6 licenses available? - Sorting: Sorting by clicking on field headers does nothing. How's this???? Doesn't work on any view; the only method of re-ordering I found is to manually drag and drop in playlist view??? Does this have to do with how the library was built? (iTunes import vs folder import?)
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