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  1. Hi Mitchco, First of all thank you so much for your work during all these years, for the benefit of those who want to enjoy music at its best Absolutely fantastic! Question: in order to load the Acourate filters, can I just use the cpv files generated by Acourate? Thank you again
  2. @mitchco Hi Mitchco, very interesting and informative work as usual, thank you so much could you please post once again the link to the sweep signals? It doesn't seem to work, Thank you
  3. I've been using RME Adi2pro AE for about one year now. This is a reference DAC. State of the art. Not saying it's necessarily the best, just that it can compete with anything out there. Of course personal taste is crucial. Lots of features and no MQA (no MQA is a must for me): truly a Swiss army knife. The ADC is also superb. I'm routinely listening to LPs via jriver, taking advantage of room correction and some vst plugins.
  4. deneb

    HQ Player

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to use vst plug-ins in hqplayer, Thanks
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