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  1. That's good to know. Looking forward to reading about it.
  2. Unless I missed it (quite possible), I haven't read any listener reports that have compared a stock SOtM sNH-10G (no upgrades at all) at $800 to an Uptone Etherregen at $640. I would be very interested in reading about such a comparison.
  3. These are the latest iteration of the 28B-SST2s before the 28B-SST3s were introduced, with the transformer and input board upgrade. (These newest units have "Bryston" embossed on the top cover while earlier versions do not.) The upgrades made these latest versions dead quiet. These are in excellent shape with no blemishes, having been used in a smoke-free, pet-free, and child-free dedicated listening room. I bought these in June 2014 from the original owner when they were a year old; they still have 15 years of the transferable manufacturer's warranty. I will ship in the original boxes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada at buyer's expense (PLEASE NOTE: Final shipping costs will be calculated upon purchase). These are also available for pickup in the Washington, DC area, and I will deliver halfway within a 150 mile radius. I have perfect ratings on Audiogon (asindc), on US AudioMart (frombhto323), and on eBay (asindc). I will accept Paypal (buyer pays fees), a personal check (delivery upon check clearing), and U.S. Postal Service or Bank of America money order. $7900.
  4. ‘Thanks for the reply. Have you tried the sBooster with the Sonictransporter i7?
  5. Has anyone tried the Keces P8 with the Sonictransporter i7?
  6. https://groovenote.nativedsd.com/albums/GRV1200-i-want-you
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-ATH-ANC7B-QuietPoint-Noise-Cancelling-Closed-Back/dp/B002HWJT1A Use them at work. They work like a charm and produce good music as well.
  8. I'm jolted. I'm two years younger than Prince and I remember when his first album came out and hit our high school by storm. I took summer classes in Madison in '84 when Purple Rain came out. One of my classmates went to high school with Prince and told us he was a really good basketball player. Years later, Dave Chapelle did a hilarious skit about playing a pick up basketball game with him. A friend of mine lives about a mile from Paisley Park. She says the whole metro area is in mourning, as he always stayed true to his Minneapolis roots. A true musical genius. Our generation's Mozart as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Do I assume correctly that the "F" stands for fast blow?
  10. 1) Roon 2) Tidal HiFi 3) Aurender N10 4) Uptone Regen
  11. Price reduced to $1,500 for Alpha USB Converter with upgraded fuses.
  12. JS-2 has been sold. Uptone MMK Conversion kit available for $75.
  13. I think Tidal is streaming live concerts and performances.
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