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  1. Thanks. I got some of my ideas from reading yours and others posts on isolating the music streaming chain from the other ethernet and WiFi devices. For some time, I also had RFI problems until I implemented proper power grid management. Running the (relatively) long run of FO is my first choice because the current run of CAT5e goes along the ceiling of the music room, passing several in-ceiling lights, an HDMI cable and power line for ceiling-mounted projector, and down a wall, passing wall-installed lamps with dimmer switches (I know, I know). My system is rather quiet now, but since FO i
  2. Ericuco, I hear you, but I plan to audition the long runs for at least a week before having them installed. My dealer for the Antipodes is also an installer and we have a very good relationship. I do agree that the Buffalo switch option seems somewhat cumbersome. I”m just wondering if those switches will add something more if I cannot get the long run of FO installed. Markus, If the FO install can be done, I do plan on having CAT6 or CAT6a installed at the same time. I plan on auditioning both SM and MM. Here is what it would look like if I implement
  3. For the sake of simplicity, here is a diagram of my current setup: 1) The Antipodes CX will replace the Mac Mini. a) The CX will be installed either on the A side of the EtherREGEN or on B side of eR between eR and DMS-600. 2) A Paul Hynes SR5T will replace the stock PS on the EtherREGEN. Proposed changes- Plan A A) Add fiber optic run from utility room (where router is located) to music room. B) Add oM between router and FO cable. (i) Replace stock PS with Farad Super3 LPS. C) Replace stock PS on Verizon Fios r
  4. Question about your CAT6 run: What specific brand cable did you use? Why CAT6 instead of CAT7 or CAT8?
  5. Thanks, that is quite helpful. Please let us know how the opticalModule settles in.
  6. Thanks again for the replies. Making a run of cable to replace the current CAT5 is not practical, otherwise, I would just run FO from the router position. Does that short run of FO in your most recent proposal above make a difference at that point? Does it matter how long the FO run is at that point?
  7. Of the two non-WiFi options you propose— “1) Wall plate > Ethernet > FMC or opticModule > fiber > FMC or opticalModule > Ethernet > Antipodes 2) Wall plate> Ethernet > EtherREGEN > Ethernet > Antipodes” —my proposed new setup would match #2. I wouldn’t do #1 since I already have the etherRegen. Given the long run of generic CAT5 to the Wall Plate, what I am trying to do is eliminate as much noise from the chain before the signal is sent along that long run. That is why I thought doing a FO run, short or long, to the switches near th
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have tried WiFi but I get too many dropouts, even though my router is in the utility room next to the listening room. In fact, I use a WiFi extender elsewhere in the house because of dropouts. I am not using a NAS, and I plan to store local files directly on the Antipodes.
  9. Hello All, I’m considering re-configuring my streaming setup with the possible use of fiber optic cable. I just bought an Antipodes CX that I will receive next week. I had originally considered making a long run of FO cable to replace my current long run (about 20 ft.) of generic originally installed 16-yr-old CAT5 cable from switch near router to wall plate in listening room. Unfortunately, making that FO run is just simply not practical, if possible at all. Here is my current setup: Verizon Fios router (also serves as wifi for iPad and iPhone)—CAT5—>Netgear swi
  10. That's good to know. Looking forward to reading about it.
  11. Unless I missed it (quite possible), I haven't read any listener reports that have compared a stock SOtM sNH-10G (no upgrades at all) at $800 to an Uptone Etherregen at $640. I would be very interested in reading about such a comparison.
  12. These are the latest iteration of the 28B-SST2s before the 28B-SST3s were introduced, with the transformer and input board upgrade. (These newest units have "Bryston" embossed on the top cover while earlier versions do not.) The upgrades made these latest versions dead quiet. These are in excellent shape with no blemishes, having been used in a smoke-free, pet-free, and child-free dedicated listening room. I bought these in June 2014 from the original owner when they were a year old; they still have 15 years of the transferable manufacturer's warranty. I will ship in the original boxes to any
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