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  1. I am curious about the Terminator II. I just looked at the Denefrips website and it not there. I see it listed on Vishine Audio’s website. No mention of the what’s new or the sonic improvement from those changes.
  2. I am wondering about the new Spring 3 KTE or Spring 2 KTE vs May level 1 the cost difference is approximately $1000.00. I wonder if sound quality of the MAY Level 1 would be that much better. I have never seen a review of the MAY Level 1 or Level 2, or for that matter a Spring Level 1 or Level 2. It would be interesting to get an opinion of the sonic changes as you go up the line.
  3. I am curious if anyone heard any news about the Spring 3 that is supposed to start shipping in April. I was thinking about trying a Spring 2 when I got a message from the US distributor saying that it was being replaced.
  4. Hello This is my first post on this forum. I work with fiber optic cable everyday in my job. I have seen a situations in which the cable seems fine and will pass light when you put a pen tester on it but won't pass data. My first inclination would be to try a different cable. I use a pair TPlink MCM200CM with with a 75ft SC-SC cable with no problem. LC ends tend to be a bit more fragile in my experience. As side antidote to this is I set up the same configuration of my system for an audio friend of mine. I worked for a couple of months then stopped. I took me a few hours of
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