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Audio System

Main: Mcintosh MT10/Davinci, Aurender N10, MSB Premier DAC, Mcintosh MCT450, Mcintosh C2600, Mcintosh MC1.25KWx2, Sonus Faber Il Cremonese, REL Gibraltar x 2, Shunyata Sigma Power/Speakers, AQ Fire IC, Diamond USB, Oyaide outlets/Shunyata Hydra, Stillpoints SS x 20

Office: Aurender A10, Mcintosh D150, Mcintosh MC75 x 2, Focal Sopra no1, REL Habitat 1, Shunyata Delta Power, AQ Water IC/Speaker, 

Headfi: Aurender N100h, Sony TA-ZH1ES, Focal Utopia & Elegia, Cardas silver

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