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  1. Amen I am going to drop out as well as this is meaningless. If you dont value the equipment dont buy it. If you do then get it. I have no regrets with mine. Peace and out... and as for DSD support that is great. I have not had an issue with LKS and MSB as it always has worked.
  2. Honestly this forum is for Aurender owners to help each other and get support from Ari. Honestly if you dont think its worth it dont buy it end of discussion. High end Audio is never really about a value equation there never will be given the narrow market and very select group of interested buyers. But given what they have made and how specialized it is and honestly how exceptionally reliable it is and the fact that they take care of every owner even if the unit is 5 years old or more says a lot. It means they can count me in as a long term customer. I bought my first Aurender a N100h because it was in my price range and I fell in love with the dealer’s S10. I have made upgrades over the years both to that N100h (4tb) and then purchased a N10, A10 for my office and a ACS10 for extra backup: probably will trade my N10 in to my dealer towards a W20 SE. peace and out... Noushy
  3. Amen I am going to drop out as well as this is meaningless. If you dont value the equipment dont buy it. If you do then get it. I have no regrets with mine. Peace and out...
  4. I agree the level of background noise and how quiet and detailed can only be achieved with isolated dedicated circuits and very clean power supplies. Yes you could build an aurender level machine for less but it would be clunky and without the interface and ease of use. Is it overpriced, probably, is it well made and convenient and something you want in your rack with all unnecessary circuits removed for better audio performance absolutely.
  5. And remember the hardware is far superior to any PC even one built with a focus for audio. It also starts up quicker and is much more reliable. My Aurenders have revolutionized how we listen to music in our home. Nothing is perfect and they are not cheap but other than the hard drives these units are very reliable. Noushy
  6. Absolutely. Most of my system is Shunyata Sigma NR and my dealer sent me both USB to try and ended up keeping both to use on my main and office system. Best way is to audition it yourself. I knew within 10 minutes the Sigma NR USB belonged in my setup. The DAC feeds the pre with Sigma NR balanced cables and the amps have Sigma NR speaker cables and power cables along with Denali/Hydra power conditioning. I will be evaluating the v2 power cables soon. Noushy
  7. I have both the alpha and the sigma and I can say they are the best USB I have owned so far, far better than the AQ Diamond. More detail and soundstage. Going from alpha to sigma is much more subtle unless you have a high end DAC it isnt worth it. I am running a fully optioned MSB premiere with upgraded clock. Noushy
  8. I think it is a matter of opinion. I have heard the select direct to an amp and amazing. I use my C2600 preamp between my premier and amp and believe it adds some warmth. The pre function in the premier is supposedly very good. Noushy
  9. On a side note excited to add my newest Aurender ACS10 to my collection to compliment my N10 and N100h (A10 at work). Plan to use it as a backup storage of my entire library. Noushy
  10. I have not found any settings on my premiere for filters either...
  11. I have the new premier with all options and the V2 renderer. Have not used that yet and only place off my N10. As for filter settings I need to actually sit and listen. Mine has been setup by the dealer. Noushy
  12. I have think I have read some very impressive comments. Sorry if this sounds redundant. Both of your arguments are very valid and it’s hard to make a viable reason to upgrade to the new W 20 special edition if you already have a W 20. I have been patiently waiting to buy the W 20 knowing the upgrade was coming. Now that it’s available I may be looking for a great deal on a W 20 instead. I feel like Aurender missed the target audience who will have a high end Digital to analog converter. noushy
  13. Beta is already in testing so it probably wont be long.
  14. They have made a lot of progress with the new app. It offers several new skins and new display formats. It takes time to develop and make a stable release. People need to understand this unless they want broken software and problems. Personally I have used several different music servers and Aurender is clearly the best. The app is a huge part of why that works. Noushy
  15. No thats the first I have heard about a bad display. Mine works perfectly. Ari on the forum should be able to help you out. Nick
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