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  1. On a side note excited to add my newest Aurender ACS10 to my collection to compliment my N10 and N100h (A10 at work). Plan to use it as a backup storage of my entire library. Noushy
  2. I have not found any settings on my premiere for filters either...
  3. I have the new premier with all options and the V2 renderer. Have not used that yet and only place off my N10. As for filter settings I need to actually sit and listen. Mine has been setup by the dealer. Noushy
  4. I have think I have read some very impressive comments. Sorry if this sounds redundant. Both of your arguments are very valid and it’s hard to make a viable reason to upgrade to the new W 20 special edition if you already have a W 20. I have been patiently waiting to buy the W 20 knowing the upgrade was coming. Now that it’s available I may be looking for a great deal on a W 20 instead. I feel like Aurender missed the target audience who will have a high end Digital to analog converter. noushy
  5. Beta is already in testing so it probably wont be long.
  6. They have made a lot of progress with the new app. It offers several new skins and new display formats. It takes time to develop and make a stable release. People need to understand this unless they want broken software and problems. Personally I have used several different music servers and Aurender is clearly the best. The app is a huge part of why that works. Noushy
  7. No thats the first I have heard about a bad display. Mine works perfectly. Ari on the forum should be able to help you out. Nick
  8. Bigger CPU have more transistors and thus more switching noise. This is a fact. It also makes it harder to shield. Just look at the construction inside and are under and you will understand. Peace
  9. Yes if you look at how sleek the N100 is compared to the thicker X100 that should be an answer. The N10 is also sleeker than the larger W20 as well. I believe Ari and Aurender that it is mostly due to design and space constraints, not a cheap/expensive. In fact SFF drives cost more per TB than LFF drives. Noushy
  10. Not completely accurate the X100 uses LFF (3.5) drives and not the SFF (2.5) like the N100/N10/A10 noushy
  11. No we are all good Vincent. Easily misunderstood and corrected. I do plan on going to Axpona since it is only a few hours drive. Will post the findings. Noushy
  12. Welcome Vincent. For some reason this thread has turned snippy with people attacking others immediately. Not a good thing especially with so few Aurender owners and everyone may have something to contribute. I personally own three units and could easily have had a W20 but until I got my new DAC there was no sense. Now I am waiting for the replacement if I am going to spend that kind of money. (MSB Premiere DAC) Noushy
  13. Vincent only thing I know is it is coming. They have been otherwise very quiet about it. Noushy
  14. My point is the A30 does not have these and thus no way a successor to the W20 Noushy
  15. Looks like a high end A10 combined with an ACS10. Interesting product my guess is they are gearing up a range of devices that will eventually just need an amp/speakers. They already have ventured into one small amp X725 which i owned for a year and my guess is maybe a stand alone Class D product or products soon. The W20 successor will have the word clock option and dual AES digital as well as possibly an I2S connection. Hard to really improve much more than that on probably the world’s best digital music server. Noushy
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