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  1. Allo tech thought that the MC board might have broken. I returned the Katana and am waiting for a replacement.
  2. Hi pjmcos, The hiss comes from the board not from speakers. I disconnect the RCA to preamp. I tried different linear and switching PSUs and power options( 2 and 3 power supplies) . Yes. The top board was hot to touch. I requested a RMA for return, but the USA dealer said just wait until Allo.com response to the their question to Allo.com.
  3. Hello, I just received the Katana Sound Quality + Allo Isolator in the mail. Hooked up with RPI 3B and Volumio 2.52. I listened to a couple of 44khz 16bit tracks. I noticed that the top board was quite hot. I then switched to a DSD 2.8MHz track, there was no sound coming out of speakers, but there was high pitch hiss coming out of the Katana. I restarted Volumio and made sure "DSD over PCM" was selected. The high pitch noise was still there. I powered off everything, waited 30min, powered on again . The noise was there. How do I get rid of the noise ? Thanks
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