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  1. This sounds very promising, I will try it too...Thanks! Edit: it seems they only have 4x1 version, 4 inputs and 1 output. Ideally I would need 2x2 or 4x2, as I have a headphone power amp too, so need 2 outputs. I have Googled it but have not found a switch like that...
  2. Hello, I am thinking about a similar setup with my Lumin X1. At the moment it is connected to my Aesthetix Calypso Eclipse Pre-amp. I have tried it with HT bypass mode on the Calypso using the Leedh volume control on Lumin and I actually prefer it. This means I am using my expensive preamp as an active switch right now....so I wonder if this Kramer passive switch does not degrade the sound quality I could use it and sell the Calypso. Have you actually compared it vs Lumin drectly connected to the power amp, if so do you hear any difference in the s
  3. Yes, I have come to the same conclusion reading comparisons. And I have a 12V LPS which might not work with NUC10 if that is really 19V...
  4. I spoke with 3 different dealers in Europe (Slovakia, UK and Belgium) and Mattijs from Farad in the Netherlands. They boths confirmed that the 2+1 promotion is not available in Europe.
  5. I see....In this case it is even simpler to try it with a NUC and a LPS.
  6. Thanks Peter, I might try this too. I assume I would need a Jcat Femto Net card or something similar in the server. I will investigate whether if that is possible with a NUC/ROCK or not...
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried Cat 8 from the ER B-side to the Lumin (but with the noisy Server) and to me the fiber from the A-side sounded better....I will try it again once I have a new server.
  8. Hello! I have more or less finished the network in my media room for the new Lumin X1 with fiber connection. I have tried to isolate it as much as I could from the rest of my home network. At the moment the Roon Server is located on a different floor in the office and the core is running on an old Win Server PC. This PC is getting very slow so I have to upgrade it soon. I have been doing A-B tests, playing some demo tracks from a USB stick directly plugged into the X1 using the Lumin application, vs streaming the same tracks from the Roon server with Roon. Before "
  9. Thanks everyone for the Keces fuse recommendations! I just received a confirmation form them, it is indeed a 1A 230V fuse. This August special offer at SR sounds good, if that happens I will buy some more for my amps too...
  10. Hello, I am thinking about upgrading the fuse in my Keces P3 too. I have checked the rating of the fuse originally installed in it, and it seems a T1.0A type (it is hard to read). Which type/rating fuse did you replace it with? Was it the SR Blue? Thanks, Zsolt
  11. Thanks, I have found it, the OM seems to be only 1Gbit compatible, so does not work with ER's 100Mbit port on the B side...
  12. Hello, I have tried some new configurations with my network but they do not work for some reason, and I can’t figure it out why. I have a new Lumin X1 and I would like use its SFP port. But I did not want to reverse the ER before the Lumin as I plan to connect other devices to the ER A side as well, like a Roon core NUC and a video media player too. I have read in the manual that in case of feeding the ER from the B side there should not be anything else on the A side just the Endpoint/DAC, in my case the Lumin X1. So I have tried some other configurations: 1. ER is A->
  13. Hello, I remeber reading in a different thread that you have tried other SFPs with the ER, Planar too. Eventually which one did you like the most? I am looking for a new pair to connect my Lumin x1 to the ER....Thanks!
  14. Thanks, I will try this configuration too, just have to buy a new pair of sfp transceivers. Which brand/model SFP do you have in your system?
  15. Hello, I just got a Lumin X1 to test it in my system for this weekend. Those who have or had the X1 and the ER together, which way did you connect them for the best result? My setup now: Modem -> Cat cable -> Sonore OM -> Fiber cable -> ER A side -> Supra Cat8 -> Lumin U1 Mini -> USB DAC.... Thanks!
  16. Hello, What is the size of your library? I am considering this NAS too, as it is fanlass and would fit in my listening room. At the moment I have the Qnap TS-453Be in a different room and it is getting quite slow with my 5000+ Albums. It was Ok until about 4000 albums, it has an Intel® Celeron® J3455 quad-core 1.5GHz, 8Gb RAM. The Roon core is installed on one of the 4 HDD's, I haven't installed the optional PCIe card for M.2 SSD. The HS-453DX has two M.2 2280 SATA SSD slots, I guess installing the Roon core on one of those would be better...?
  17. Thanks @Flashman, this is a pretty convincing review, I will get an OM and will test it soon. Just have to find a reasonable priced (preferable cheaper than the OM itself) LPS as well. Has someone tried the Ciunas Audio 5V or the Allo Shanti dual 5V LPS's?
  18. Thanks for this information. I am also considering the OM (or a cheaper TP link media converter) between my router and ER, but my gut feeling tells me I should get the OM with an LPS. Please let us know your opinion after the burn in period and adding the LPS too...
  19. Thanks for the recommendation, I am planning a very similar server to yours. Do you use the 200W or the 400W HDPlex DC converter? If the SSD's are powered separetly the 200W might be enough for the rest? And do you use the NUC or the servers as the Roond endpoint, or something else? I connect my Lumin streamer (Roon endpoint) to the B side and everything else to the A, so the Roon server would be on the A side as well.
  20. Thanks for your advice, I am considering a Streacom FC10 fanless case with SSD's and an LPS. I wonder would it give any benefit connecting it directly to the ER A-side? In that case I would have to put it in the listening room, so fanless would be a must...
  21. Hello, I have a question regarding my ER and Roon setput. I have been using the Etherregen for about 3 month now and I am very happy with it. My current setup is quite typical I think: IP Modem/Router -> Generic Cat5 cable -> Generic Switch -> Supra Cat8 Cable - > Etherregen A -> Etherregen B -> Supra Cat8 Cable - > Lumin U1 Mini with LPS -> Siltech USB -> Aesthetix DAC I am using Roon and the core is installed on a Qnap NAS at the moment, connected to the generic Switch before the ER A side. As my NAS is not power
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