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  1. Hello, I remeber reading in a different thread that you have tried other SFPs with the ER, Planar too. Eventually which one did you like the most? I am looking for a new pair to connect my Lumin x1 to the ER....Thanks!
  2. Thanks, I will try this configuration too, just have to buy a new pair of sfp transceivers. Which brand/model SFP do you have in your system?
  3. Hello, I just got a Lumin X1 to test it in my system for this weekend. Those who have or had the X1 and the ER together, which way did you connect them for the best result? My setup now: Modem -> Cat cable -> Sonore OM -> Fiber cable -> ER A side -> Supra Cat8 -> Lumin U1 Mini -> USB DAC.... Thanks!
  4. Hello, What is the size of your library? I am considering this NAS too, as it is fanlass and would fit in my listening room. At the moment I have the Qnap TS-453Be in a different room and it is getting quite slow with my 5000+ Albums. It was Ok until about 4000 albums, it has an Intel® Celeron® J3455 quad-core 1.5GHz, 8Gb RAM. The Roon core is installed on one of the 4 HDD's, I haven't installed the optional PCIe card for M.2 SSD. The HS-453DX has two M.2 2280 SATA SSD slots, I guess installing the Roon core on one of those would be better...?
  5. Thanks @Flashman, this is a pretty convincing review, I will get an OM and will test it soon. Just have to find a reasonable priced (preferable cheaper than the OM itself) LPS as well. Has someone tried the Ciunas Audio 5V or the Allo Shanti dual 5V LPS's?
  6. Thanks for this information. I am also considering the OM (or a cheaper TP link media converter) between my router and ER, but my gut feeling tells me I should get the OM with an LPS. Please let us know your opinion after the burn in period and adding the LPS too...
  7. Thanks for the recommendation, I am planning a very similar server to yours. Do you use the 200W or the 400W HDPlex DC converter? If the SSD's are powered separetly the 200W might be enough for the rest? And do you use the NUC or the servers as the Roond endpoint, or something else? I connect my Lumin streamer (Roon endpoint) to the B side and everything else to the A, so the Roon server would be on the A side as well.
  8. Thanks for your advice, I am considering a Streacom FC10 fanless case with SSD's and an LPS. I wonder would it give any benefit connecting it directly to the ER A-side? In that case I would have to put it in the listening room, so fanless would be a must...
  9. Hello, I have a question regarding my ER and Roon setput. I have been using the Etherregen for about 3 month now and I am very happy with it. My current setup is quite typical I think: IP Modem/Router -> Generic Cat5 cable -> Generic Switch -> Supra Cat8 Cable - > Etherregen A -> Etherregen B -> Supra Cat8 Cable - > Lumin U1 Mini with LPS -> Siltech USB -> Aesthetix DAC I am using Roon and the core is installed on a Qnap NAS at the moment, connected to the generic Switch before the ER A side. As my NAS is not powerful enough for the Roon I plan to build a dedicated PC for the Core. The question: if this planned PC will be connected to the Switch before the ER-A, same as my NAS now, would it make any difference if it was an optimized "Audiophile" fanless PC with an LPS? Or as it is "isolated" with the ER from my Lumin streamer it should not make too much difference whether is it's a silent or normal PC? Thanks, Zsolt
  10. I have read the ER manual and the Supra Cat8 cable specification again: http://www.supracables.co.uk/ethernetcables/cat7-cat8-cable.html "It is desirable to avoid connection of multiple shield-tied cables into the RJ45 ports on the ‘A’-side of the EtherREGEN. This has nothing at all to do with data or signal quality. In fact, this recommendation is not even specific to the EtherREGEN. Ethernet cables having metal RJ45 shells and end-to-end connected shield wires will unite the grounds and zero-volt power domains of the equipment they are attached to. This provides a path for potentially detrimental AC leakage loops to form. If all you are attaching with such cables (on the ‘A’ side) are computer, NAS, and the feed from your main switch or modem/router, the leakage loops formed between that gear will likely be fairly benign. But if one of those components is somehow also connected to your audio/video system, you may introduce undesirable leakage currents. I believe the Supra is a "shield-tied" cable, so my idea of connecting just one or boths streamers on the A-side using this this cable does not seem to be safe, but connecting the NAS feed is Okay. Can someone confirm this please?
  11. Hello! First of all I am a very happy ER user, got mine about 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying it my 2 channel audio setup since Until now it has been a very simple setup: ISP Router -> Switch 1 -> NAS - Switch 2 -> ER-A -> ER-B -> Lumin U1 Mini -> Aesthetix Romulus DAC (USB) So I had only one Cat6 cable on the A-side, and a single Supra Cat8 to my streamer on the B side. As I also have a HT system in the same room. I would like to connect my Zappiti Pro video streamer to the ER as well. I tried it last night, just replaced the Lumin with the Zappiti in the chain and obviously got better audio quality through my 2 channel system, playing stereo BR music through the Aesthetix DAC. If I understand correctly I shall reverse the direction on the ER if I want to connect both streamers : the upstream from the NAS to the B side, and the 2 streamers to the A side. There should be no difference in audio quality, am I right? And I am confused about the grounding of the ER and using shielded Cat8 cables on the A side. The manual does not recommend that, but if my streamers are both the A side I would prefer to keep using the superior Supra cables there. Is there a risk in that, and if there is would the grounding of the ER help? Thanks, Zsolt
  12. Thanks for your help again, just finished the first ripping and it was successfull
  13. And could you please let me know which version of the AutoScript is required? I have found 2 or 3 difefrent versions on this forum, not sure which one works with the Sony.
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