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  1. This sounds very promising, I will try it too...Thanks! Edit: it seems they only have 4x1 version, 4 inputs and 1 output. Ideally I would need 2x2 or 4x2, as I have a headphone power amp too, so need 2 outputs. I have Googled it but have not found a switch like that...
  2. Hello, I am thinking about a similar setup with my Lumin X1. At the moment it is connected to my Aesthetix Calypso Eclipse Pre-amp. I have tried it with HT bypass mode on the Calypso using the Leedh volume control on Lumin and I actually prefer it. This means I am using my expensive preamp as an active switch right now....so I wonder if this Kramer passive switch does not degrade the sound quality I could use it and sell the Calypso. Have you actually compared it vs Lumin drectly connected to the power amp, if so do you hear any difference in the s
  3. Yes, I have come to the same conclusion reading comparisons. And I have a 12V LPS which might not work with NUC10 if that is really 19V...
  4. I spoke with 3 different dealers in Europe (Slovakia, UK and Belgium) and Mattijs from Farad in the Netherlands. They boths confirmed that the 2+1 promotion is not available in Europe.
  5. I see....In this case it is even simpler to try it with a NUC and a LPS.
  6. Thanks Peter, I might try this too. I assume I would need a Jcat Femto Net card or something similar in the server. I will investigate whether if that is possible with a NUC/ROCK or not...
  7. Thanks for the recommendation. I have tried Cat 8 from the ER B-side to the Lumin (but with the noisy Server) and to me the fiber from the A-side sounded better....I will try it again once I have a new server.
  8. Hello! I have more or less finished the network in my media room for the new Lumin X1 with fiber connection. I have tried to isolate it as much as I could from the rest of my home network. At the moment the Roon Server is located on a different floor in the office and the core is running on an old Win Server PC. This PC is getting very slow so I have to upgrade it soon. I have been doing A-B tests, playing some demo tracks from a USB stick directly plugged into the X1 using the Lumin application, vs streaming the same tracks from the Roon server with Roon. Before "
  9. Thanks everyone for the Keces fuse recommendations! I just received a confirmation form them, it is indeed a 1A 230V fuse. This August special offer at SR sounds good, if that happens I will buy some more for my amps too...
  10. Hello, I am thinking about upgrading the fuse in my Keces P3 too. I have checked the rating of the fuse originally installed in it, and it seems a T1.0A type (it is hard to read). Which type/rating fuse did you replace it with? Was it the SR Blue? Thanks, Zsolt
  11. Thanks, I have found it, the OM seems to be only 1Gbit compatible, so does not work with ER's 100Mbit port on the B side...
  12. Hello, I have tried some new configurations with my network but they do not work for some reason, and I can’t figure it out why. I have a new Lumin X1 and I would like use its SFP port. But I did not want to reverse the ER before the Lumin as I plan to connect other devices to the ER A side as well, like a Roon core NUC and a video media player too. I have read in the manual that in case of feeding the ER from the B side there should not be anything else on the A side just the Endpoint/DAC, in my case the Lumin X1. So I have tried some other configurations: 1. ER is A->
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