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  1. FYI, there is a playback issue with "New Speedway Boogie" on the latest Anniversary Remaster of Workingman's Dead (Grateful Dead) that was just release on Qobuz last week. If trying to play it, it gets hung up and if trying to download the album for offline, this track prevents that.
  2. @dmackta, will there be any coming enhancements to the Qobuz Android app? I thought it was slow and buggy on my older DAP (Fiio X7 Mk 2) running Android 5.1 but when I recently upgraded to a much faster DAP (Hiby R5) with a recent version of Android (8.1), Qobuz is just as slow and buggy. I've heard for the longest time that it would be improved but it has not happend. It's really unfortunate because the iPhone IOS app and the Mac Desktop app work fantastic. I'm really happy with those and the quality of the service in general - so much so that I committed to a year subscription..
  3. David, these are amazingly helpful and I notice they also work within Audirvana. Is there somewhere within the app that shows these so I don't have to always come back to this thread. Would be really awesome if you had a "tips and tricks" link within the app. Also, are there any other similar tricks that aren't well known? Great job as always and I really appreciate that you are out on this forum often answering our questions. I'm really happy with the service and plan to upgrade to an annual plan.
  4. Hi David, I noticed that Qobuz is missing much of the Merge Record Label (ie. Superchunk, Neutral Milk Hotel, Caribou, etc). Do you expect to have them anytime soon?
  5. I've been moving playlists over (via Soundiiz) from other services (mostly Tidal) and there is very very little that Qobuz does not have. Most of the errors I've noticed are pretty obscure tracks that may have been part of compilations on Tidal. Also Very impressed with the Qobuz hi-res selection. I wish that Soundiiz would seek out the Hi-res matches during the playlist transfer but it seems to be hit or miss.
  6. Any plans for Qobuz to support Autoplay? ie, after the last song from and album is complete, it will start a radio station with like-minded songs. I know that Roon does this and so does Tidal. Would be really cool if Qobuz supported it. BTW, I resubscribed to Qobuz with the new pricing and think it's really improved since it's launch in the US. The interface is nice and I like the integration into other software and hardware. The catalog is much better and definitely not lacking. Playlist could be better but I anticipated they'll improve. I think I'm likely to
  7. Duh...I'm a space cadet! Thanks. Great review! Has anyone here ever done a straight up review of the HD 800?
  8. Hi Chris, thanks for the review. Just wondering if the 4 out of 5 stars correctly reflects your conclusion.
  9. Is anyone on Dietpi using a version new than version 6.18? I used the ssh command to update mine (to v. 6.24) and then noticed that the Dietpi Allo Web GUI went away (ie, type in "dietpi:local" on any browser). I created a new image back to 6.18 and the browser works again. Anyone else experience the same or did I possibly just have a corrupted version of the newer image (v 6.24)?
  10. Thanks. I was looking for way to connect to monitor without having to install any further hardware. I downloaded the plug in from the directions and hooked up my HDTV to see what it did. It worked and displayed the album art however the artworks was relatively small in comparison to the Volumio background picture (ie, mountains or stars or whatever you choose) which was displayed as the majority of the picture. I was able to go into settings and set the album art as "Mega" but that didn't seem to change the size on the big screen. I guess it isn't worth using a screen for it.
  11. Some further context, the use case would be to see album art while playing. I tried the output on the HDMI to my TV and that only seemed to show the terminal prompts on Dietpi and Volumio. Is it possible to use a small Raspberry Pi monitor with any of the GUI's to see album art while playing?
  12. Has anyone attached a small monitor to the Allo HDMI output as a screen to see the music playing? Almost as a poor man's version of the higher end streamers with a screen. Is that something that is even possible?
  13. You're probably right. I have an Allo Signature Digione that I mostly stream from Audirvana to the Pi. I remember trying it with mConnect when I first got the Digione and it worked but may not have validated that it was transmitting Qobuz or Tidal in hi-res. I just cancelled Qobuz but will re-test Tidal over the weekend. BTW, operationally mConnect is very lacking anyway which is why I went to Audirvana.
  14. mConnect should do the trick. Try it out with the "Lite" version and then you can determine if you need the full on version (which I think is no more than $5 to $7).
  15. Just curious is there any update on the "Nirvana" project, Allo?
  16. So far I like the service and appreciate all the hard work you and your teams put into the Beta and 2/14 launch. I am still noticing quite a few holes major Independent artist like Elliott Smith, Spoon, Husker Du and Radiohead but presume these are coming. I noticed that a lot of the major Matador Records and XL catalog was added over the past few days.
  17. Looks great. Can't wait for the upgrade! Damien, will there also be a corresponding update to the iOS/Android App?
  18. Would be cool if the next version could identify MQA or Hi-Res albums on Tidal & Qobuz without having to click through them.
  19. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is getting inconsistent results switching between audio devices on the remote app. I am running Audirvana Plus on an iMac hooked up to my Schiit Gungnir DAC and if I want to switch the audio device out to my UPnP Raspberry Pi (using Volumio) via the app, it will not give me the option to do it. If I have Audirvana Plus device switched to something else (ie, Built In Input, Hiby R3) then it will allow me to switch to "Volumio" via the app. Is there some other way I may need to configure my main computer DAC (Gungnir) in order to allow the the audio device to
  20. No problem answering your questions. My answers are in bold italics. What software are you using on the Raspberry Pi? Volumio. I tried DiePi which wasn't as user-friendly and MoOde didn't really work well for me. I rarely use the Volumio GUI since Audirvana does almost everything as the front end interface. Did you have any problems controlling the volume (meaning, did Audirvana and your software - mine eventually was Volumio - play nice together? I had a very difficult time finding Pi software that did not keep the volume jumping to full volume. Have you noticed a difference in s
  21. Has anyone on the Beta noticed some major deficiencies in the Qobuz catalog especially when it comes to some Indie or underground rock/pop. Seems like they may not have signed deals yet with major American Indie labels like Matador, Merge and Kill Rock Stars since I can't find any of the label's music by some of their bigger names (ie, Pavement, Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, Spoon etc). All of these are on Tidal and Spotify. Just wondering if anyone knows (ie, Dave Craft Qobuz guy I've seen posting) if Qobuz will have some of these labels by the time the Beta (or my new 30 day trial) is
  22. I believe that is a Roon thing. When I tried out Roon several years back it automatically populated my Tidal favorites based on my regular library and the existing Tidal favorites. It was a pain to delete some of them especially since the Room favorites were dups or included a version of an album that I didn't want (ie, the non-remastered or non-deluxe version).
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