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  1. Could anyone recommend a specification, for primarily, a pc as an End Point, with flexibility to potentially be changed into 1 combined server\end point. I'm using MScaler, so i dont need HQ Player, so I dont want to spend money necessarily on processing power that wont actually be required. I dont mind spending up to 1k, and would probably retrofit a linear power supply later, if it wasn't within budget. And I see myself using the HD passive cooling cases. Sorry, hope this isnt' the wrong place for such a post, but Mscaler users need custom end points too :-)
  2. I just wondered if anyone had tried this passive cooling widget ? https://www.scan.co.uk/products/nofan-copper-icepipe-cpu-cooler-80w-fanless-for-all-intel-and-amd-cpus
  3. I'm surprised chord wouldn't dononate a tt2 and mscaler to you. i occasionally see reviews from websites saying the gear was donated, and i've never heard of them. smart move by chord if they did.
  4. hi @antonellocaroli, i hard-shutdown my roon server last night, now the RoonServer will not start: this is in the log: 05/26 10:45:17 Warn: [orbit] init failed due to IO error: /root/.RoonServer/Database/Orbit/orbit_v3.db/LOCK: Read-only file system, reiniting 05/26 10:45:17 Warn: [orbit] init failed again, disabling due to: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "/root/.RoonServer/Database/Orbit/orbit_v3.db/000029.ldb" is denied. at System.IO.File.Delete (System.String path) [0x00073] in <370a0c27f4b74d1a81431037df6d75bf>:0 at System.IO.Directory
  5. and do you have both a server and an end point, do you use squeezelite ?
  6. Tidal logged in via roon this morning.
  7. Tidal has stopped logging in for me on roon today. I presume it’s a roon/tidal integration issue. Maybe. Tomorrow they will have fixed it.
  8. The “help” label only shows whenever no roon server is found. i gave it a go but I wasn’t able to see the roon server from the iPhone remote as the roon server was on a separate subnet. So I presume I still need to configure the router to allow my iPhone to participate in both its default subnet but also the roon subnet.
  9. When you guys use upnp, kazoo etc, does that mean your system is just one computer, not server and end point? is it possible to tie squeezlite into the path, if you though buffered music sounded better. i noticed on another Linux music os that you could play qobuz from the server it seemed though that’s not important, but there was also an option to load the song into ram before starting. it was a nice alternative to roon. it would be good to use kazoo to get a similar experience... it would be good to do away with roon to avoid the recurring fee.
  10. The problem with my new usb pcie card is that it’s usb c, and my existing usb lead is usb a. The only budget cable i could see was a cable matters brand from amazon and it’s possibly too cheap at £7. anyway audioquest have an adapter for £12, which is probably fine for me, better then starting to rebuy more expensive usb leads (I think my last one was only £50), but anyway, thought I’d share. https://www.futureshop.co.uk/audioquest-usb-3-0-a-to-c-adaptor/
  11. My router has 4 output ports, each one of those is initially configured to a different subnet. I chain that port to a netgear swtich and so all devices on that switch will be on the same subnet. My server, endpoint and remote control are on the netgear switch and so they can only communicate with one another, or be interupted by each others traffic. I know the router has an menu item for vlans, but im unclear as too whether this is a vlan, or just a subnet (or even what the difference between those two things is).
  12. Hi, I’ve put my music server and end point and remote control into a subset of their own, using a vigor 2920 router, but is there something more I can do to improve the Ethernet traffic / environment via configuration (without spending on cables or etherregen).
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