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  1. Does anyone rate any of the nucs with optical out? Or is it a case, if you go NUC then you go usb?
  2. Sorry to ask for advice lol, but if i got a NUC NUC7i7DNBE, what way could i reasonably power it, whats a good choice for economy and performance? I'm trying to take the first steps, but can't settle on a strategy. I was thinking single server, i'm now thinking NUC as NAA, which i could afford to power by a linear power supply, but which one, the farad 3? ps, i just did a little test and changed from optical out of chrome cast audio to optical (Xonar soundcard) out of my pc (and into mscaler), and the xonar definitely sounds better, much sharper to my mind, in this little test.
  3. I’d like to know too, I’d like to power a minimalist music server, like the one romaz has, with the gaming motherboard, but I’m not sure how to spec the needed power supply, and am on a budget.
  4. Do you know volume control should be given to the chord dacs? It has a preferable algorithm for handling the volume control. altering volume before it arrived at the chord dac with mean it is no longer but perfect. i coukd be wrong, but this is my understanding.
  5. Hi guys sorry but is there a sticky post which specifies what parts to buy to make an AL end point, which nuc components are recommended, as that would be handy. be handy to see 3 types, end point only, server only, combined server and end point. thanks in advance for endpoint nuc component recommendations, in terms of budget, I’m happy to spend £700. also, if running roon server in ram, you can’t make changes to the library? Like adding playlists? How would they be persisted ?
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