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  1. @Sounds2Good N10 USB works great with that DAC. did you try rebooting both the N10 and the DAC? Try re-seating the USB cable? You or your dealer should contact us and/or T+A tech support directly. We are here to help! 888-367-0840 [email protected]
  2. @coot I'm afraid your iPad is running a very old version of iOS (version 9.x.x came out in 2015). This is not an issue with newer iOS. As noted in the release notes, some features including liner note view in Qobuz are only available on iOS 11 or later. This is the last version of Conductor to support iOS 9.3.5 at all.
  3. @bmichels Very strange. I’ve never seen or heard of that either. Are you able to get it into remote support mode? If you can connect with the iPad, you can send a remote support request email from Conductor settings>help. If you cannot connect with iPad, please press and hold the play/pause button on the W20 front panel for about 10 seconds and the remote support info should appear on screen. Please take a picture of that and send it to me at [email protected]
  4. @Fitz Music you have to register the iPad to the unit the first time you connect to it. If you recently did a factory reset on either the Aurender or the iPad, you'd have to re-register.
  5. I have 3 retired PS3's - 1 of them has YLOD, the other 2 were just getting a little long in the tooth. Sometimes you have to reboot them several times to get them to recognize SACDs (the optical drive only picks up the hybrid layer, sometimes). If anyone is interested in trying to refurbish them, they are yours for the cost of shipping alone. PM me if interested.
  6. @agladstone @mmeeks I’m going to reach out to Amazon (lol, “reach out to amazon” - what do you think are the chances someone who understands our world will actually receive the message?) and see if they have API’s we could implement into Conductor. It may be some time before they have the software ready, and then it will take us some time to implement it and get it certified. But, obviously we are motivated to do so for our customers. its great that they are launching this service, but what hardware do they expect people to enjoy it on? Echo Dot, now streaming 24/192!!! Qobuz and Tidal are absolutely great to work with and are so cooperative with their hardware partners. I believe Amazon will be too, eventually. I’ll keep you guys in the loop as we work on this...
  7. Just wanted to remind anyone who may be inclined to have someone else do this for them...there are SACD ripping services out there including mine: www.goldeneardigital.com anyone who has used my service lately knows it has been a little slow, but I get em done! Also I just invested in 2 new machines to replace one that died, so my throughput will be quite a bit faster moving forward as I now have 3 machines and a streamlined workflow. @Kal Rubinson maybe your buddy is a candidate for this? This post is not at all meant to discourage the DIY spirit of this thread. Just leaving this here in case someone finds it useful. cheers!
  8. @justubes actually i lied...IR does not get cached since it is a continuous stream with no end. Everything else does get cached. I don't know about the article/interview you read, but I suspect that the interviewee was referring to downloading files for offline play - we still don't do that because we haven't gotten permission to do so. We've talked with Qobuz about it quite a lot. Their software team is also small (though about 5 times + the size of Aurender's), so it's one of those things that we hope will happen eventually. In software, "impossible" is not a technical term...it's just a matter of time and talent.
  9. @blugosi definitely encourage you to do a quick comparison if you have a few minutes...it's not hard to hear the difference between direct streaming from Tidal through the Aurender alone vs. AirPlay.
  10. ALL playback, whether it is from local storage, streaming, or IR, occurs from the solid state cache. When you add tracks from a streaming service to the queue, the system immediately caches it to the SSD. It has been this way forever as far as I know. A Conductor app update would not have anything to do that, by the way. See my remote control analogy in the previous post. Changing the batteries or polishing up the buttons on a remote control does not change the way a player plays music.
  11. @blugosi actually when you use the Conductor app to browse and control playback, the Aurender streams directly from Tidal/Qobuz/internet radio servers. the iPad is not doing any playback - it is nothing more than a remote control. With AirPlay, on the other hand, the iPad is the player, and it transmits a lossy audio signal to the Aurender for playback. It's totally different.
  12. @blugosi The “USB” appended AirPlay endpoint is for the A10 USB audio output. THe non-USB endpoint is for A10 analog outputs. ...But...why are you using AirPlay to stream Tidal through your A10? You’ll get much better sound quality and performance from Tidal native streaming from within Conductor.
  13. @The Computer Audiophile Extra information (stuff in parenthesis) problem identified and fixed for next update.
  14. Hi @The Computer Audiophile - I'm not sure. I'll ask Eric.
  15. Exactly right. I'm in the process of putting together a short "intro to Conductor" video with both high-level overview of the app and also some more "advanced" tips. I would very much appreciate any ideas about EXISTING FEATURES ONLY that need better documentation. I will try to cover as much as possible.
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