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  1. @ufoerpThis is a very subjective question and if you asked 5 different people you may get a few different answers. Your best bet is to find a dealer who can help you decide for yourself by listening with your own ears. In my personal experience, with my own two ears, the difference between N100C and N10 when comparing USB to USB is certainly audible, but it is "very minor," as you put it. N10 is slightly more open and relaxed...one can perceive the effect of the subtlest of veils being lifted to allow for a more transparent playback. Switching to AES/EBU or SPDIF outputs of N10 wi
  2. @bobfanice post! Thank you for sharing your candid feedback.
  3. @agladstone Yes, those two units sit at the same price point and in some ways they are very similar, but they also have very different features. ACS10 of course has huge on board storage and support for RAID array. It has CD ripping and library management capability as well as the ability to act as a musical "mothership" from which other Aurender devices can stream. With N200, you get a the new large color screen and a coax output. It also has a unique and attractive 13" chassis. They both use the same low power Intel quad core processor. They both have 2X i
  4. @Bazinga @Len44 Yes N30SA is officially released and it is a thing of beauty! Pre-orders have now been shipped to dealers. Please contact your dealer or [email protected] for more info. N30SA is the model designation for North America. The only difference between N30SA and N30 is that N30 has a 3.5inch 12TB HDD pre-installed inside the case without any storage extension option. N30SA has a 2.5inch 8TB SSD pre-installed inside the case with an empty slot for the user installable 2.5inch SSD/HDD storage.
  5. @dmc Welcome to the forum and thank you for your feedback. We sure appreciate the bug reports. It helps us squash them! I see. I just spent some time trying to replicate this issue and at first it worked perfectly for me but finally I was able experience the same issue you are reporting here. It appears that the app fails to save a playlist to Tidal if it reaches a certain number of tracks. Thank you for this report. We will investigate and fix. I see what you mean. That alpha index is now showing up numerically as numerical index of "favorite" songs. So, you can
  6. @udis @agladstone more info on this from the Conductor App Manual found here: https://aurender.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500004666842-Conductor-V3-App-Guide-
  7. @honeymustardsteve Spotify does not offer an API for "full" integration. Spotify Connect is the we can do with the options available for Spotify. We will look into Apple's lossless platform.
  8. @JamesV Thanks for using an Aurender in your system. Glad you are enjoying the A30...I agree...it's one of my favorites. Hit me up at [email protected] and we'll figure it out. For starters, try restarting the A30. If it's still not working at that point, try changing the batteries.
  9. @bsinc it is not uncommon for the stations to change the "broadcast" URLs. It's a moving target. Oh, what fun!
  10. @PonziAbsolutely not losing anything in playing that way. It is totally indistinguishable whether the content is stored locally or on an ACS10. Cache-based playback remains the same and actually there is an argument that playing from ACS content uses even less system resources (of the W20SE) and generates less noise than playing W20SE locally stored content.
  11. @Jeff_N here goes DKFM URL: https://maggie.torontocast.com:8090/live.mp3
  12. @bsinc here I found the streaming URL of that station for you...just tested on my end and it is live! Here is how to save a custom radio station: 1. Tap the blue lightning bolt SHOUTcast icon to enter internet radio-land 2. Tap the "+" button in the upper left to add a custom station 3. Enter the name and URL of the station. It can be tricky to find these sometimes. Normally compatible streams will end in .mp3 or .m3u or .pls, but not always as in this case. 4. Save! Here's a hot tip for finding radio U
  13. @agladstone This will happen for one of two reasons: the music content has not been officially released yet, or is only available on Qobuz as a "preview". Troubleshoot this by pulling up the same content in the Qobuz app and see if the complete tracks are available. or, if it is happening for ALL Qobuz content as opposed to just a few tracks here and there, there is a problem with your Qobuz account. Double check that your subscription is active. If so: 1. In the Conductor app, go to Settings>Streaming>Qobuz and log out of your Qobuz account by
  14. Yes, that's correct. Again, you can use the hard buttons to start a playlist, or to resume playing a queue left over from your last listening session, but other than that you need the Conductor app to search, browse, and control playback.
  15. In order to facilitate connectivity with the Conductor control app, yes.
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