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  1. @Doak - yes, it really just has to do with form factor from a hardware engineering perspective (3.5 inch drives are way bigger, physically), and hard drive capacity that was desired for each respective model. W20, ACS10 and X100L are the only models that use 3.5 " drives. FYI - X100L is now out of production. I believe there are plenty of units left for sale, but now that we have ACS10 in the product line-up, there has not been a ton of demand for X100L.
  2. @Foxman50 - yes, confirmed. The screenshots I shared are of the Qobuz landing page of new releases, where titles are not displayed in alphabetical order.
  3. Guys this was totally my bad! Miscommunication between myself and the software team about what features would be included in that release. My apologies! In the mean time, here's a look a the new skins which will be available soon:
  4. @fwj my apologies for the teaser! Look out for an ACS System Software update coming in the next few days. @rwwjr44 What's New? Search Keyword Search terms/keywords will now remain when switching category (Song, Artist, Albums.. ) (Note: when searching from streaming services, keywords will still be deleted when changing category. It will be fixed in our next release of software) Bug Fixes & Improvements Clone Contents added by "Add to my library" will also be cloned Playlists will be cloned with better stability Recently played 2000 The last track of the queue was not added to "Recently played 2000" if repeat mode was off. Support for large file size embedded album art Added support for album art with very large file size for Conductor App. Streaming Service Cache Bug Fixed a problem where songs from streaming services were not playing in certain conditions. Changes Clone ACS10 Cloning to or from ACS10 is discontinued with this version due to complications of RAID configuration and other system setup. We will provide a better method of migrating to/from ACS10 in our next release. Also, heads up for Conductor v. 2.9.18 - coming in the next 24-48 hours. 😉
  5. @Ponzi yes you can. It’s easy: 1. Open the ACS Manager app and use the copy/move/delete utility. 2. Select the folders or files you want to delete from the SOURCE column, and then hit “delete”:
  6. @Mazza actually ACS10 connects to another Aurender via ethernet, not USB. The other Aurender's connection to the network is via the ACS 2X isolated port. So, ACS does all the "server" activities including storage, scanning, library management etc. And the other Aurender is still the renderer (or "player"). Think of the ACS as an Aurender "super-NAS" or "mothership" for use with another Aurender satellite player. The other player streams content from the ACS.
  7. Hi @Mgperdices - thanks for sharing your experience. Of course, this is the desired effect! By using the ACS10 as the workhorse/utility player, W20 has less computing responsibility. With fewer demands on the system, it should perform that much better. Also, the 2X isolated LAN port effectively isolates the downstream W20 from the noisy-ass network! Ethernet picks up a lot of noise which can be introduced into the system without proper isolation. I think we're going to start seeing a lot more LAN isolation gadgets hitting the hi-end market. Regarding Nimbie rips vs. ACS10 rips...I can't say we have made any aural comparisons. Of course, on paper, the results are exactly the same and in both cases (nimbie transport or ACS built-in TEAC transport), the ripped files are checked and re-checked for accuracy. But, we all know that other factors can make a difference. Performance-wise - it is literally "plug-and-play." Connect the Nimbie to ACS via USB (use the USB port on the front panel), and the ACS automatically recognizes the Nimbie. Put a stack of discs on the Nimbie and get ripped, so to speak.
  8. Alan, confirming that we received your support email at 6:38 pm. We do our very best to respond within 24 hours mon-fri.
  9. @agladstone please address your question to [email protected] where we will more efficiently troubleshoot the problem. Just a friendly reminder to all: this is not a tech support forum. Thanks.
  10. @Emm I just sent you a direct message. I see that you've been working with Pablo on this and that he had requested some troubleshooting info 25 days ago with no response from you and no mention of this new issue you're encountering where the song only plays for a few seconds. Very strange. Probably a network-related issue that we may be able to fix on the Aurender side via a firmware update to your machine. We'd like to reopen the case with your cooperation and figure out what's going on!
  11. @rwwjr44 A30 - Reference A10 - Mid-Level A100 - Entry Level Any model with a “100” is a smaller chassis size and more budget friendly. 10/20/30 models are full size chassis and generally higher end offerings.
  12. Many of you have already read about the new A30. It will be officially launched at AXPONA (where it will be shown in active demo and also as static display for those of you who want to see it with its top off ) In the mean time, here's some more info. We are VERY excited about this awesome new machine! And, in addition to the A30 at the very highest end of the spectrum, Aurender has also recently launched a new entry-level product to the "A" (analog) series: The A100. Brochures attached for your reading pleasure. aurender_A100_brochure.pdf Aurender_A30_brochure.pdf
  13. @Deyorew folder browsing on ACS10 works the same as it does on other Aurender servers. The first 10 folder names on the root of your Music1 and Music2 HDDs show up as browsing tabs. So you can get really creative about how you organize your library. Additionally, you can always dig deeper into the folder structure (beyond those first 10 folders) in Folder browsing mode.
  14. The Aurender platform does not ever modify your files or metadata. The way it displays whatever metadata is tagged to your files may vary slightly from your expectations depending on circumstances, but it doesn't actually touch the files themselves. Also, with the exception of ripping CDs on the new-ish ACS10, the Aurender platform does not retrieve any metadata that is not already tagged to your files. So, whatever's in the file is what you get. There are a number of great tools available (JRiver MediaCenter, mp3Tag, dbPoweramp, bliss, etc.) for editing metadata. You can make edits to the files already stored on your Aurender directly and upon re-scanning, the changes will be reflected in your library.
  15. @Emm I can see that Pablo has been discussing this with the software team internally. I assure you they will get back to you shortly.
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