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  1. Yes, that's correct. Again, you can use the hard buttons to start a playlist, or to resume playing a queue left over from your last listening session, but other than that you need the Conductor app to search, browse, and control playback.
  2. In order to facilitate connectivity with the Conductor control app, yes.
  3. Hi @tmhaudio, glad to hear you are enjoying using the Aurender in your system. The interface/controls from the hard buttons on the front panel alone are limited to pulling up saved playlists, and play/pause/next/previous commands. However, you can use a USB WiFi adapter like this to create your own little Aurender LAN on the go. You'll find instructions here: https://aurender.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500007493101 Note: this won't give you internet access for streaming, software updates, or remote support, but it will be a great solution for you to play locally stored or USB a
  4. Hi @Coot, seems to be some confusion here. Your Aurender does not connect to your network via WiFi..it is Ethernet only. Does the N100H have an IP address or does it say "No IP?" Is your iPad/iPhone on the right WiFi network? A friendly reminder to everyone here: the best way to get Aurender support is to email at [email protected] This is not a support forum. Thanks!
  5. I see. If you would, please leave it connected to the Ideon via USB starting around 11 PM your time. It is worth a try for our engineering team to take a look remotely while the Ideon is connected via USB, even if a successful handshake does not appear to be established.
  6. Hi @PedroS I see your support request was received over the weekend. I expect our European support rep will be responding to you shortly. With SPDIF there should be no compatibility issues. Is it working fine with SPDIF output from your N20? I can see from the Remote Support Email ticket you sent (you did the right thing by sending that!) that your N20 IS locked on to a USB audio device, presumably the Ideal Time re-clocker: "USB DAC : Async 44.1kHz USB Device 0x644:0x806c" Given that a USB handshake is established, I would not be at all surpris
  7. Hi Pedro, I think some clarification is needed to learn how you are trying to use that device. From a quick look at the Ideon website, it appears to be a re-clocking device, not an external word clock or master clock. But I have not had time to study that unit in depth. Please feel free to reach out to me or Pablo at [email protected] for assistance. You may also want to consult Ideon Audio for more information on putting their device to its best use.
  8. It’s a 75 ohm connection. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the iPhone app. When in doubt, it is always good to quit and reopen any app that has become unresponsive. If you notice any pattern or consistent behavior that makes the app “freeze,” then there may be a bug. Any possible bug reports should be sent to [email protected] so that we can investigate and fix them. Your feedback is very much appreciated!
  9. @The Computer AudiophileI've been requesting this for years, too, Chris. I think it's one of those things that's harder to do in practice than you might think. Anyway, I will "bump" this request internally in hopes that it can be done for Conductor V4!
  10. @Aurender1 Instructions here: What is the proper way to shut down my Aurender? As mentioned above I don't have an exact ETA for the update but it is coming very soon...like today or tomorrow as far as I know. FYI this week's Tidal issue has not been isolated to Aurender...it is fairly widespread: positive-feedback.com /industry-news/simaudio-announces-tidal-master-mqa-problem-with-the-moon-mind-2-fix-coming
  11. Yes, we noticed this starting to happen some time on Sunday. A lot of Tidal tracks, mostly MQA, were failing to play and the player engine would just skip to the next track until it landed on one that would play. It appears Tidal made some changes to their servers and it caused some broken/incompatible links which normally wouldn't be a problem in Tidal's native app, but it can and did cause problems with Aurender's (and other third party's) Tidal playback integration. Aurender's software team developed an "emergency" System Software update to remedy this issue and it
  12. @honeymustardsteve ouch! I see you've been in touch also via our support channel. I will get back to you shortly. For what its worth, it certainly does not look like it is beyond repair. Look out for an email from me shortly.
  13. Just seeing this post. @krelldog thanks for contacting me via the normal support channel at [email protected] or 888-367-0840. I'm glad we were able to sort out the issue.
  14. @The Computer Audiophile the upsampling is for SPDIF/AES-EBU outputs only. USB output on Aurender is always strictly bitperfect with no DSP or FPGA resampling.
  15. @Ponzi yes you can use the "Copy/Move/Delete" utility in the ACS manager app to delete files. Navigate to the files you want to delete (They'll be in the "Ripped CDs" folder within the Music1 shared folder on your ACS10). Select them by tapping inside the check box next to the folders or files you want to delete, then tap "Delete" on the bottom. If you get stuck please email us at [email protected]
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