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  1. I did. Still missing a lot. Agree with rn701, though. Amazon isn’t it, either. Why can’t they just build the perfect system just for me? Very depressing.
  2. I, too, use an oppo 105 as the heart of my AV system. I was going to upgrade with a 203 just for the UHD video and keep the audio thru the 105, but too late for that. What I’ve done is keep the 105 in charge of all audio, and all HD blueray and Dvd video. I bought a new 4k UHD TV but I do not use its streaming features, its not connected to the internet, simply a monitor. Oppo 105 feeds it video below UHD and handles all the audio. I bought a UHD player with a dedicated hdmi audio out which goes into a preamp which switches it to the oppo hdmi input. The hdmi audio handling on the oppo is not its best feature (see http://archimago.blogspot.com/2017/04/measurements-oppo-bdp-105-rca-xlr-hdmi.html) but its darn good. The new UHD player also handles 4k VIDEO streaming to the TV. The HD cable/sat audio feeds goes thru the preamp to the oppo as well. I let the preamp switch the 2 audio hdmi feeds to the oppo hdmi input. I run separate stereo amplification and speakers from the oppo stereo outs, than the amplification and speakers of the oppo multi channel outs. So the 105 is pretty busy. However, after doing all that, I’m taking the UHD player/streamer back out of the system and going back to just an HD 1080 video system. The PQ on this new TV with Oppo’s upscaling and video processing is so good, I can not tell a difference with most of the UHD sources I’ve tried, and the ones that were different were not that significant. Heresy, I know, but there it is. I’ll be drummed out of the club. Good luck.
  3. I thought that was just me that happened to. Anyway, today I went back to the main stream and after an hour of international music, was rewarded with suite: judy blue eyes. Life is good. wayne
  4. Was just surprised. The loop is still pretty long, so that was not a complaint, just a whine. wayne
  5. Have been a supporting listener of RP for a while, but it took this thread to discover the mellow channel (habitually toggling sync without looking). So, very happy until the last couple of days. I was listening over a sustained period and seemed to hit the repeat point. Happened once each day. Never noticed that on main channel. Anyone else? wayne
  6. Not to beat dead horses.....but I was going crazy trying to get an ATV3 to play season 2 of counterpart. It showed up on my Ipad and Iphone but I could neither find it on ATV nor airplay it from the other devises. No matter how many times I entered my infuriatingly long password and tried to give it a verification code...nothing. My search for help did not find anything amd then I just happened onto this thread. many, many thanks for saving my mind.........and $#&@*(),!!? To 🍏!😜
  7. When this lossless streaming gig started, my wife and I thought we were going to save money. Instead of buying one CD a week, we would pay tidal and listen to as much as we wanted for half the money. ‘Cept when we heard something we really liked, we bought the CD anyway (you know for when the zombie apocalypse comes and the music stops). So much for saving money. Then came the betaQ, so maybe we should leave Tidal?.....back and forth, back and forth: This title is on T but not Q, that is on Q but not T; FLAC is FLAC so we can’t hear a SQ difference; Hi Res does nothing for us (too old), Water mark, no water mark, mqa, no mqa.....”should I stay or should I go?”(The Clash) Most likely we’ll pay for both, buy even more CDs, go crazy, bankrupt, and into addiction treatment.
  8. Mary Gauthier on Lost Highway Records was not showing last week, now there is one album from 2007. So progress.....
  9. Could never figure out why Tidal drops out regularly on me, but Not once on the beta Q....puzzling, but I’m not complaining!
  10. As I continue to experiment with the beta Q, I bought a CD via the Q store. No problem at all: showed up in the IOS app on my I Phone, I down-loaded it, it plays fine. But I now wonder how I access it outside of the app? Normally I buy music on my pc and use JRiver, but can’t figure how to move this file, can’t even find it outside of the Q app. Probably an IOS issue and not Q’s but thought I’d ask.
  11. I’ve been trying to decide if I can tell a difference, too. (All at 16/44). Bartoli’s newest CD sounded the same to me. Just critically listened to Maggie Richards (sort of 21st century techo folk) new CD on both, song on Q/ song on T. I can hear some differences (so can my wife) but can’t decide if we prefer one to the other yet. Have yet to have a drop out on Q, still occasionally on T.
  12. I think that was the way the tracks were engineered, or maybe just the way the Fogerty’s tuned their guitars😉
  13. Boy, do I feel stupid. Must have mispelled Credence or something. Have to go back and double chck the other ones now😔
  14. Well, I’ve been wearing the betaQ out. Late at night I just shift to headphones. Found ALL Credence Clearwater (not on Tidal). Also several obscure jazz and classical not on Tidal. There are a few things the other way, too (Adele 19?). But on balance given the sheer size of the catalogue, the notes and articles on the music and not a single drop out, I am trying to find a reason to continue the Tidal subscription.
  15. Long time Lurker.... just got the beta Q! After an hour of playing with it, Very impressed, Way more information than Tidal (album notes, etc), and no dreaded dropouts...yet. Also verified a more extensive catalogue already, with more promised. I am a dedicated CD guy, since at my age I can’t hear 24 bits, heck FM still sounds good to me😊. So I am streaming from an ipad through an apple express optical out to Oppo 105, marantz PM 8005, to Carrera 2-way speakers (owl over scan speak). Very nice. also like than I can buy the download thru the service....easy to spend money! loving the 21st century
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