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  1. WTB: Uptone JS-2 View Classified I'm in the market for an Uptone JS-2. US seller preferred. Seller Reverso Date 02/20/21 Price 700.00 USD Category Power Supplies / Power Products  
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    I'm in the market for an Uptone JS-2. US seller preferred.

    700.00 USD

  3. I have not tried Volumio, but I have tried the DS controlled by iPeng/LMS and Roon. iPeng/LMS causes the same clicking in my Yggy when switching songs of the same bitrate (within the same album). The clicking also occurs when I jump to a selected time within the song and when I pause a song. The clicking does not occur when I use Roon except for when the music is paused for 5-10 seconds. -Reverso
  4. 90 Degree RCA Adapter Cable routing was unwieldily with the DS, so I picked up a 90 Degree RCA Adapter for the coax out. Now all of the cables can be routed to the back of the unit. $10 well spent to tidy up the unit. -Reverso
  5. Got my DS today. It worked right out of the box. Initial impressions are that it is a big improvement over the Chromecast Audio. Soundstage size and instrument separation are on another level. Significantly more low-level details can be heard as a result. I can't believe I have lived without a proper source for such a long time. Currently my unit is powered with an UpTone LPS-1 on the clean side. Audio is streamed from Tidal via LMS. It is connected via coax to the DAC of my Rotel RA-1592. All generic cables. -Reverso
  6. I received a shipping confirmation and tracking number for my order this morning. The order was placed on 12/28. This is pure speculation, but perhaps they had a large backlog of holiday orders to process. @kotlarix, I hope your order is processed soon!
  7. I am in the same boat as @kotlarix and have not received any response from Allo regarding an order that was placed in the last week of December. I remain optimistic and am giving Allo the benefit of the doubt they are working their way through a back-order. For those that have placed an order and are awaiting shipment, does your order status read "Preparation in progress"?
  8. Listening impressions of UpTone LPS-1 with Chromecast Audio: TLDR: Massive improvement over iFi iPower. Better imaging, detail, and bass delivery. I was so flabbergasted by the improvement in sound quality that I was glued to my chair for the entire evening. My audio chain is: Tidal Hi-Fi Stream -> CCA -> Rotel RA-1592 Integrated Amp -> Monitor Audio Silver 6 Floor standing speakers. All of my system's wiring is generic. A/B tests with reference tracks were performed for the first hour before I caved and decided to just enjoy some music. The
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