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  1. Hello Jai, i have a general question to a master clock owner. Did you left your masterclock permanently on or switch of after use? Last week, i got the upgrade from sms-200ultra to neo and clock-inputs for this and tx-bultra, today i got a 10mhz master clock generator (NCTR10MHZ- 10 MHz ocxo master clock generator from china) I think about the results of long- and short-time-drift (+/-10mhz) by switching of or leaving power on. thank you! Thomas
  2. ok, yes - maybe put browser to autostart for e.g. "firefox.exe"
  3. I am in use of the HQPlayer Desktop3 client on Windows-PC. You only have to start the HQPlayer NAA service over eunhasu-web-interface and select the ipv4-network-interface in HQ-Player-Desktop settings.
  4. I don't know the version of my SOtM SMS200ultra. It is powered by the sPS-500 power supply but not 24/7. It is getting hand-warm after 6 hours playing. Last week i bought the network-switch tcxo from PPA. It runs togeher with a 5V/25w PSU from Zero Zone. I am not sure as well to run 24/7. After switch-on it takes about 1 hour or longer to sound perfect.
  5. Hi mentt, i have both in use, pink faun usb bridge and sotm ultra bundle. Only for sound i think the sotm sounds less invasive. The sound comes out from the mids. The pink faun sounds sharp with precise bass. If you are looking videos, i havn't found a way to do this with the sotm (Airplay is possible with Airfoil but i am not happy with this solution). Interested in a Pink Faun card - i have one to sold..
  6. Thank you, that works. I removed the North-VPN Client. Think i have to check, if there is a whitelist to configure - Thanks Thomas
  7. Thank you Miska. There is no WLAN-Adapter and the North-VPN-Interface-Adapter can't be deactivated, only with closing app. I will try to uninstall the VPN - in the past, i disabled the VPN for 5 minutes and started HQ-Player without problems. I will try and give some feedback -
  8. since 7 days i have the problem that hqplayer does not find a device on startup. USB and Network-Cabling is correct, DAC with Singxer F1 (USB) is powered on. Config of HQ-Player-NAA seems to be correct. Workgroup-Name is correct, IP-V4 was activated, ping to NAS-Server and SMS-200ultra is correct. As a trial i activated IP-V6 Protokoll in System-Config and HQ-Player-NAA config. After restart of PC and SMS-200 there are no changes. There are no additional Network-Adapters in PC, VPN-Client and Firewall is deactivated on w10-startup. Squeezebox runs with no problems, MPD-DLNA runs with Foobar (n
  9. Does anyone use HQ-Player together with Singxer F1-USB-Card and Audio-GD (PCM)?. I want to share best settings..
  10. Do you think the Neo-Upgrade to 200-ultra is worth the money? Please tell me your experience..
  11. Hello Kopelli, yes, the HDD connected via usb is a good solution. I used this before with WD Elements. Now, i am in use of a NAS-Server - i think sound quality is the same - the server is a 4-bay NAS - OS is Freenas - SOtm-Config only allows Windows-Verification - Unix NFS shares doesn't work - only Windows SMB shares.
  12. I had no problems with the Sandisk so far. I bought the 32GB Ultra 30MB/s Class 10 MicroSDHC.
  13. i think i used the program "imageusb" from passmark to format and image with the .bin-file.
  14. I tried to install the offline update to V 0.4.5 in January. File-Size of bin was 7.761.921 kb, but had problems with squeezelite and library-config. Everytime i updated offline i spend a new sd-card for it (as backup) Since latest version from sotm, i took the older sd-card with version before 4.5 and the online-update was no problem to 4.59.
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