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  1. Hello Kopelli, yes, the HDD connected via usb is a good solution. I used this before with WD Elements. Now, i am in use of a NAS-Server - i think sound quality is the same - the server is a 4-bay NAS - OS is Freenas - SOtm-Config only allows Windows-Verification - Unix NFS shares doesn't work - only Windows SMB shares.
  2. I had no problems with the Sandisk so far. I bought the 32GB Ultra 30MB/s Class 10 MicroSDHC.
  3. i think i used the program "imageusb" from passmark to format and image with the .bin-file.
  4. I tried to install the offline update to V 0.4.5 in January. File-Size of bin was 7.761.921 kb, but had problems with squeezelite and library-config. Everytime i updated offline i spend a new sd-card for it (as backup) Since latest version from sotm, i took the older sd-card with version before 4.5 and the online-update was no problem to 4.59.
  5. I am in use of sms200ultra and txb-ultra and sps500 - my next step is an external word clock. there is a mutec ref 10 at high-end-broker (new) for 3t euro. I think there is no need of the SOtM-Clock-Cables (700$) - you can get BNC cables for 9,90€ - I want to connect the external word clock additional to my pink-faun-i²s-bridge - looking for a way to realize..
  6. my experience.. save the sotm-updates to several micro-SD-cards.. last updates i am not satisfied of.. problems with LMS to NAS and workgroup-settings (in europe)
  7. hey godrec, my experience.. it works with foobar over MPD&DLNA, Airfoil on Windows with Airplay, LMS, and HQ-player.. I do not have experience in minim-player..
  8. to use roon i want to have a i3-powered nas first.. I think roon needs a lot of hardware-ressoures.. i am wrong?
  9. ..upsampling every track to 384k by software is nice ;)
  10. i tried the hq-player from jussi together with muso-player and i am very satisfied..
  11. sounds good, i only have a PCM-DAC but sound ist very nice..
  12. my sotm-devices sms200-ultra, txb-ultra and sps-500 make the best sound quality! ..but my pink-faun I2S-bridge to the DAC (HDMI-input) is also good.. more powerful to the preamp..
  13. sorry i mean, no direct internet connection to the router is not a problem
  14. Hi gordec, i think that no direct Ethernet connection to the router is a problem. I use the Sotm sm200ultra in LAN-cabled connection to my fritz-box 7490 router. There is a USB-connected HDD to the router configured as NAS and i have no gaps in sound (LAN) You should have to connect to internet only for updates to the sotm, i think. Before new cabling, i used the devolo-LAN-500 connectors, but they were not stable - LAN-cabling with additional G-Bit Hub works very good ;) maximum traffic to the router is 30Mbit/s upload from PC to internal router using HQ-Player. ..sorry about my english.. Thomas
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