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  1. Good to know. I have disconnected the Smart Plug while I do some more research. Thank you!
  2. @Miska + @left channel YOU ARE THE BEST. That fixed it. (Turned Use Exclusive Mode: ON and Force Volume: ON.) Can't believe I didn't think to try this... Then again, on my Macs, I don't need to enable these two settings in order for MQA to appear—though, from the sounds of it, I should be. And definitely will from now on. Very much appreciate y'all! 🕺🏻
  3. Howdy y’all, I seem to be having a similar issue as some other folks on this thread, but nothing I’ve read seems to solve my issue. I have a Pre Box S2 Digital DAC. When I connect the DAC to my Mac computers (I’ve tried 3 different Macs) via USB and play MQA songs from Tidal, the “USB” icon on the LCD screen on the DAC turns from white to red, and displays an “MQA” icon. However, when I connect the DAC to my Windows 10 PC via USB and play the same songs, the “USB” icon remains white and no “MQA” icon appears. I’m concerned that the DAC is not hardware decodi
  4. Hey @kennyb123, thanks for the reply! To be honest it’s a standard wall outlet. I’m a bit of a novice—not sure what builder-grade is! (Gonna look this up.) Power cable connected to the LPS is this Monoprice one.
  5. Howdy y'all, I built an audio PC (see specs here) and am using HDPLEX's 200W linear power supply. This is plugged into a Furman PST-8D power conditioner. Question is this: would it be particularly unwise to place an Alexa "Smart Plug" in the middle, for some fun n funky home automation commands with Alexa? Proposed setup is as such: LPS > Smart Plug > PST-8D > (wall outlet) I've invested in this LPS and power conditioner—and all the other components in the PC including a JCAT USB card FEMTO—to optimize for audio quality. Would I be
  6. This is incredibly helpful, thank you! I have looked into NUCs, so I’ll take a deeper dive with your recommendations and price it out. Just curious—why do you recommend against the Jitterbug and Elfidelity filters? Lastly, I’ve read a lot of reviews on the SOtM and JCAT FEMTO PCIe USB cards, but haven’t personally read much about the Pink Faun. What’s different about it compared to the SOtM and JCAT? I appreciate you!
  7. Hi all! I'm new to the forum, but have been reading around and been really enjoying the community, support, and ideas shared. I recently picked up some KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers, receiver, and a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC) turntable (w/ Schiit Mani preamp)—just getting started in the world of hi-fi audio, and have much to learn (but having a lot of fun). However, despite the incredible sound coming from my vinyl collection with my new setup, I've been scheming a way to integrate digital music into my setup. After about a solid month of research and learning,
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