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  1. WOW!!!!  Installed Fidelizer Pro last night with help from a friend at Crimson Electronics and I couldn’t be happier. 


    Fidelizer Pro is by far the best improvement in terms of soft wear to my pc audio setup.  It’s like I upgraded everything. Much more detail,crisper,clean,fresh feeling if that makes any sense.  


    Thank you and keep up the good work.


    ps Crimson Electronics kick ass.


    1. Windows X

      Windows X

      I'm happy to hear Fidelizer Pro helping your system delivering music closer to real sound performance. If you have any question to ask for optimal configuration for your system, feel free to ask. :)




  2. Ketchup


    Finally radio paradise showed up in JRemote. ❤️🙈❤️
  3. Supra usb 2 is a great cable. I changed it for my old regular cable and honestly made a big difference.
  4. Hi everyone. New here and was wondering what your thoughts are on Crimson Electronics preamp and monoblocks. Thanks Ketchup
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