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  1. You have never asked me anything. And I have never used the PM system on this forum. If so share a screenshot and prove it. I give you my permission.
  2. Wow you guys are sure jumping to conclusions. I mention that I’ve heard 1 DAC and all the sudden I own the company! The company I was talking about who did the DAC tests was not Mivera Audio, and I was not involved either. My comment was because my IP was banned because the objectivists who were losing the debate must have reported me. So if he’s going to ban my IP based on fabricated BS then I stand behind what I said.
  3. If mentioning a DAC I've heard is a commercial interest, then Chris can go fuck himself. I'm out of this shit hole.
  4. So if someone asks you what DAC you used in listening tests, it's against the rules to answer? Wow that's news to me. I thought this forum was here to discuss audio equipment? Why don't I see a list of DAC's people have heard, and are interested in all of peoples signatures?
  5. Anyways before this IP address gets banned as well, I'll just say that all Amir's measurement data accomplishes is misleads people into thinking that the better the numbers are, the more they will enjoy the products. When in reality this is not the case. In home audition with your system and your ears is the only way you will know. Subjective reviews in large numbers hold much more weight. As anyone with a brain can study all of the reviews and see if the data correlates between all of the reviews. If several people are all saying the same things, then there's a good chance you will have the s
  6. Chris has banned my home IP address. Signed in with my phone. Guess I’m making far too much sense to be a part of this forum.
  7. But Amir from ASR has already proven that all opamps sound the same without listening to them. He must know more than even the real engineers who design them.
  8. It was a Mivera Audio Purestream MK1. The designer admits that the USB interface does not have any isolation measures, as it was designed to be used with his low noise fibre optic isolated streamer. The isolation was handled on that end. However his upcoming Purestream MK2 has a new cutting edge USB conditioner section he claims to be the first to implement in the industry. Time will tell if it’s effective enough to make the difference between USB cables inaudible.
  9. The names and details any further than what I’ve shared is irrelevant. They conducted these tests for internal education. Not to convince a handful of forum objectivists. Because no amount of evidence that is counter to your agenda will be acceptable for you guys.
  10. Nobody is saying that expectation bias and placebo effect isn't real. But this can't be used to explain away everything that's not easy to understand. There's actually real differences between some gear that simple Audio Precision tests don't pick up on. But of course to understand this It takes more than just choosing 1 extremist camp to be apart of then succumbing to the perils of groupthink.
  11. He certainly did prove that some DAC's are much better at rejecting noise from source gear/USB cables. But he did not prove that there was no audible differences between the cables even with the best DAC in the test. That would require some good sets of ears. Then if those ears could still detect differences, further research into why could be conducted. This is how good scientists break new ground. If you read an Audio Precision manual you'll discover these machines have capabilities far beyond the simple testing Amir conducts. But his agenda isn't to prove that things some audiop
  12. I don't need to. I have conducted enough tests on my own to satisfy my curiosity.
  13. I was talking to a DAC engineer one day who went on a mission to prove to some engineers on his team that an Audio Precision machine is only of limited usefulness when designing audio gear. He ran the full gamut of tests on one of his DAC's. Then he took another DAC that was identical and tested it as well. The measurements were pretty much identical. Blind listening tests were conducted between the 2 DAC's and nobody could tell them apart. Next he took one of the DAC's and swapped a bunch of parts out that he knew made a drastic audible difference, but no difference regarding measured results
  14. Last time I conducted a blind listening test with 4 USB cables, 2 people could name the cables 5 out of 5 times with random cable swapping. Even when I tried to trick them and kept the same cable in twice they knew I didn't swap it.
  15. I think it's far more misleading than it is of service. Because people are going to go off of his recommendations when buying a DAC. And there's a good chance that they won't like what they hear.
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